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The LBD: From 0 to 100

A collage of all the LBD accessories listed below

In every girls wardrobe, suffocated between the centuries old prom dress you don’t have the heart to throw away and the multiple ‘going out out’ dresses that you promised yourself you’d wear more than once (yet who’s fate has been sealed to the darkest depths of your wardrobe after featuring on your Instagram) is the ‘substitute’ of the dress world.

The dependable back up when life throws those inconvenient little obstacles at us such as a busted zip or a foundation stained neckline. The heroin when it’s that time of the month and your plans to go out are being ruined by the unanticipated ‘fat day’ you’re having. Which is making the thought of squeezing into that skimpy little satin handkerchief that you mistook for a dress on the model on the internet the last thing on this earth you want to do.

Everyones trusted old friend; the Little Black Dress.

Trusted and dependable it may be, but as you walk fashionably late into the Christmas party, new years do, or the likes of, the last thing you want people to do is look at your outfit and think.., ‘God, what a reliable looking dress’ or whisper to the person next to them ‘that outfit just oozes dependability doesn’t it !?’.

The fact of the matter is this; granted the LBD is trusted, reliable, dependable- all of the above, but we think the ‘safe’ choice in everyone’s wardrobes deserves a little love this festive season. From lippy to shoes, we’ve created five unique looks for you to wear at your leisure this Christmas. We’ve done all the work, now all you have to do is go and take your LBD’s from 0 to 100.

ASOS, YSL, MAC, Chanel, Zara, Public Desire, Gucci and Farfetch


The same LBD from ASOS

1). YSL eyeshadow palette

2). MAC pigment

3). Chanel nail polish

4). Public Desire shoes

5). Zara blazer

6). Gucci tights

7). Farfetch bag

ASOS, Kiko, Fenty, Aquazzura, Essie, I.AM.GIA, Fendi


The same LBD from ASOS

1). ASOS headband

2). Fendi earrings

3). Urban Decay eyeshadow

4). Kiko lipstick

5). Fenty eyeliner

6). Essie nail varnish

7). I.AM.GIA jacket

8). Fendi bag

9). Aquazzura boots

ASOS, YSL, Smashbox, Dolce and Gabbana, Topshop, Aspinal Of London


The same LBD from ASOS

1). ASOS earrings

2). Dolce and Gabbana corset

3). YSL eyeshadow

4). YSL lipstick

5). Smashbox lipgloss

6). Aspinal Of London bag

7). Topshop shoes

ASOS, Public Desire, Balenciaga, Marc Jacob, Glossier, Gucci, Maria Tash and Weekday


The same LBD from ASOS

1). Glossier lipgloss

2). Balenciaga top

3). Kevin Aucoin eye gloss

4). Public Desire shoes

5). Maria Tash earrings

6). Marc Jacob bag

7). Weekday necklace

8). Gucci ring

ASOS, Missguided, Public Desire, Gucci, OPI, Giorgio Armani, Gucci, Pink Boutique


The same LBD from ASOS

1). Tlzlfemme choker

2). Gucci watch

3). OPI nail polish

4). Giorgio Armani lipstick

5). Gucci hair slide

6). Missguided blazer from the Sofia Richie collection

7). Pink Boutique bag

8). Public Desire boots

Words by Ella Winfield

Graphics by Araceli Alonso

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