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2 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team Unveiling The Fashion Extravaganza: Shakira And Cardi B’s Stunning Outfits In ‘Puntería’

2 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Unveiling The Fashion Extravaganza: Shakira And Cardi B’s Stunning Outfits In ‘Puntería’

 Embark on a journey through fashion’s most mesmerising landscapes as we delve into the details from Shakira and Cardi B’s latest music video, “Puntería.” From dazzling corsets to flowing skirts and bejewelled bustiers, these iconic artists set the stage alight with their striking ensembles. Join us as we unravel the fashion narrative behind their captivating looks, each piece intricately designed to complement their powerhouse performances. 

 The video kicked off with Shakira singing the opening lines, effortlessly floating in a bubble against a backdrop of clouds. She is seen in a stunning teal bodysuit adorned with sparkling embellishments, showcasing her toned arms and legs with elegance. 


 Meanwhile, Cardi B, 31, took centre stage as she delved into her first verse, lounging on a floating couch amidst a futuristic setting. Opting for a sleek metallic dark grey dress, including a peplum hem. The rapper exuded confidence, her straight, dark hair pulled back to accentuate her curves as she effortlessly delivered her verse. 


Following the second chorus of the song, Shakira underwent a costume change, swapping her previous ensemble for a vibrant pink cut-out bodysuit. Joined by several backup singers, she continued her performance with renewed energy and charisma. 


Subsequently, the singer transformed her look once again, this time donning a delicate, lacey light pink dress adorned with cut-outs. Seated amidst a giant flower, she exuded elegance and grace, captivating viewers with her mesmerising presence. 


Later in the music video, Shakira captivates in a rose-pink corset paired with a flowing skirt that elegantly cascades down her figure. The ensemble boasts intricate 3D hue motifs and lifelike corset detailing, down to the belly button. Meanwhile, Cardi dazzles in a sheer bustier top adorned with jewels across the bust and bodice hem, complemented by a pink satin halter neck strap. Both artists exude warrior princess vibes as they pair their corsets with matching pink satin maxi skirts featuring daring hip-high leg slits. 


Another outfit of Shakira’s is a striking, futuristic bodysuit in a soft pink hue, which features intricate cut-out patterns and structured armour-like plating that gives it a warrior-esque aesthetic. The ensemble is accessorised with matching arm pieces that spiral up her forearms, a neckpiece that resembles a modern choker, and high boots that rise up to her thighs, adorned with the same cut-out designs as the bodysuit. Her long, curly hair is tousled and free-flowing, complementing the fierce yet fantastical vibe of her attire. 


Cardi B’s last outfit in the music video is a stunning display of creative fashion, consisting of a pastel-toned ensemble that includes a dress and an elaborate hairstyle that cascades into the dress. The dress features a tightly corseted bodice in a soft cream colour, which transitions into a layered, asymmetrical skirt with what appears to be ruched or gathered fabric, creating a textured, dynamic appearance. The material seems to have a silky sheen, with braided details running vertically down the dress, providing an intricate visual effect that enhances the overall design. 

Written By Gabriella Neocleous


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