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2 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team Time To Go Bold Or Go Home!

2 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Time To Go Bold Or Go Home!

Lockdown restrictions are lifting and regularity is returning with nights out. Bold and bright prints are dominating this summer of socialising, so it is the perfect time to step outside of our comfort zones and add striking colours to our makeup. We have collected our favourite beauty Instagram accounts to inspire your going-out looks. 

Jessica gained popularity recreating runway makeup throughout the lockdown. Her recreations of gemstone eyebrows and swooping, smokey eyes appear surprisingly wearable when paired with a simple base. The various fashion shows she sought inspiration from typically follow a formula of a clean, dewy base, paired with an extravagant lip or eye. Various details from Jessica’s posts can be incorporated into your everyday makeup, for example, extending your eyeshadow above the brow or using ombre to create pouting, doll-like lips. Her posts exhibit how to use high fashion, not only to seek clothing inspiration, but also to mimic makeup looks. Pairing a dramatic aspect, such as a bright eyeshadow or dark lip, with simple skin, creates a balance between the delicate and bold that produces an elevated, everyday makeup. 

Sophia posts an assortment of glamorous and artistic looks. From bold, gemstone designs, to striking pearl eyeliner, Sophia has an endless amount of bright and bold graphics to gain inspiration from. She uses the fundamentals of smoky eyeshadow and glossy lips in different colourways to push the boundaries of what is wearable every day. Creating maximalist looks through contrasting eye and lip colours, Sophia proves bold makeup is achievable daily. Simply swap out your neutral eyeshadow for neon colours and pair it with a dark lip to create a powerful pairing. 

Pat McGrath, named by Vogue as the most influential makeup artist, provides step-by-step tutorials and gorgeous aesthetic images to spark makeup creativity. Her history of fashion runways and experience of formulating makeup is represented in her edited and detailed, full-face looks. McGrath ensures all elements – face, eyes, and lips – are immaculate, regardless of their simplicity or complexity. From McGrath, we can learn to edit the details of our makeup. Ensure your base and eyes are neat in everyday makeup to elevate your look to levels of professionalism. 

Sydney shares quick makeup tutorials via her stories and IGTV, offering accessible makeup looks that can be achieved by following her guidance. Often sharing affordable brands and recommending how to use gemstones and glitter, she creates makeup that can be transformed from everyday wear to nighttime looks. Using daring colour schemes and matching eyeshadow to her abundant jewellery, her makeup is equally as loud and inspiring as her style.

Sir John believes in empowering his clients through confidence. He utilises makeup to amplify what is already present. He prompts us to rethink how we use makeup: to magnify our natural features instead of attempting to mask them. He imbues confidence through makeup by harmonising the look to what is already present, rather than erasing unique features. 

These are our recent recommendations for bringing colour and glow to your daily routine:


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