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1 year ago, by Voir Editorial Team Looking For a Film to Watch? Here’s One You’ll Love Based on Your Zodiac Sign

1 year ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Looking For a Film to Watch? Here’s One You’ll Love Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Struggling to find a film that really speaks to you? Not to worry! Just consult our handy list of film recommendations curated with each zodiac sign in mind. We’ll give you a tasty pick you’ll enjoy as well as why you’ll love it based on your star’s personality. Look below for a film that gets you on an astrological level!


21st March – 19th April 

Fiery, Passionate, and confident Aries signs need films featuring characters as strong as them. The Woman King (2022), with Viola Davis starring as the fierce General Nanisca, will add fuel to any Aries’ fire. This historical action drama revolves around the Agojie, the all-female warrior unit that protected the West African kingdom of Dahomey during the 17th to 19th centuries. Aries love action and The Woman King is packed with well-choreographed fight scenes (as well as a bit of romance, amazing acting, and a great storyline). Brave and inspiring – it has Aries written all over it.

Watch on: Apple TV or Amazon


20th April – 20th May 

Taurus signs with their down-to-earth yet sensual nature love a realistic romance film that plays with the conventions of a typical rom-com. David O. Russel’s quirky love story The Silver Linings Playbook (2012) is sure to pack a punch with Taurus. Set in a small town in Pennsylvania, Pat a former teacher with bipolar disorder is released from a psychiatric hospital and moves back in with his parents, and meets a young widow, Tiffany, who also struggles with mental illness. The two bond over their struggles and Tiffany offers to help him get his wife back if he enters a dance competition with her. Starring Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, and Robert De Niro, it’s an interesting portrayal of mental illness resulting in a bittersweet flick a Taurus will appreciate.

Watch on: Amazon Prime


21st May – 21st June

Geminis have an unfair reputation for being the two-faced one among the signs when actually, they are the most extroverted, playful, lively, and social. Hidden behind their bubbly surface they are also fiercely loyal and intelligent. This is why Emma (2020) is perfect for them. Based on Jane Austen’s classic novel, Emma revolves around the well-meaning but blundering titular character as she plays matchmaker to her friends whilst accidentally getting caught up in a romance of her own. Geminis will totally see themselves in the charismatic, witty, and nosey Emma played by Anya Taylor-Joy. 

Watch on: Amazon or Apple TV


22nd June to 22nd July

Oh, sweet emotional Cancers beware – this movie will have you a wreck. Dear John (2010) is your typical heart-warming yet soul-destroying romance film. Based on the novel by Nicholas Sparks, it follows the life of a soldier (Channing Tatum) after he falls in love with a young woman (Amanda Seyfried). Though they decide to exchange letters with each other after he is deployed to the war the course of true love never did run smoothly. This film is full of heart – perfect for softies like Cancers. It’s a sob fest for sure.

Watch on: Netflix


23rd July – 22nd August

You can spot a Leo as soon as they enter a room. Full of confidence and comfortable being the centre of attention they need a fun flick featuring a lead as cool and enigmatic as they are. We all watched it and loved it as kids but when was the last time you revisited Wild Child (2008)? It still holds up as an iconic uber-camp teen movie with plenty of laugh-out-loud moments. Poppy, played by Emma Roberts, the admirably bratty teen from Malibu (who couldn’t get more Leo) is shipped out to boarding school in England when her partying pushes her dad too far. Mud, pink, Gucci, boys, lacrosse – expect it all. 

Watch on: Netflix


August 23rd – 22nd September

A thoughtful horror is ideal for a movie night pick for Virgo. The perfect sleuth, hardworking, reliable, patient, and most importantly logical Virgo doesn’t scare easily and will enjoy a spooky flick clouded in mystery. Jordan Peele’s Us (2019) is just the creative psychological horror that will challenge them. Gabe (Winston Duke) and Adelaide (Lupita Nyong’o) Wilson take their kids to their beach house expecting to unplug and unwind with friends but as night draws near chaos descends when their murderous doppelgängers arrive demanding retribution.

Watch on: Amazon


23rd September – 23rd October

Represented by the scales, Libra has a strong sense of justice. A politically engaged film will interest this thoughtful diplomatically minded sign. Two Distant Strangers (2020) is a short film starring rapper Joey Bada$$ that will give Libra plenty to chew on. Carter, played by Bada$$, just wants to get home to his dog after sleeping over at the house of his date. However, he mysteriously ends up in a time loop with a cop that has it out for him. This film examines the deaths of Black Americans during encounters with police and is an important one that everyone should watch.

Watch on: Netflix


23rd October – 21st November

A complex sign Scorpios are passionate yet persistent, loyal but strategic, and will enjoy a film with a complex main character like themselves. Miss Congeniality (2000) is a silly makeover chick flick that will lighten the heart of the toughest Scorpio. Gracie Hart, a tomboyish tough detective, is forced to infiltrate the Miss United States beauty pageant as a contestant after her department learns that the event is under threat from an anonymous bomber. It’s the classic trope – Sandra Bullock takes her hair down, puts some makeup and a dress on, and suddenly what do you know she’s pretty. You’ll be hooked throughout this action-comedy film with a hint of romance. 

Watch on: Amazon Prime


22nd November to 21st December

Freedom-adoring and laughter-loving Sagittarius needs an off-the-wall film that will fill their quota for adventure. Charlie’s Angels (2000) is that film. Featuring plenty of eye candy with Cameron Diaz, Lucy Liu, and Drew Barrymore all starring in this kitschy and charming spy classic. Sagittarius will be thrilled by the great dialogue, array of stunning costumes and beauty moments, fabulous action sequences, and the dash of romance. We came for the fits and the stars and stayed to watch Lucy Liu kick Crispin Glover’s scrawny ass.

Watch on: NOW TV


22nd December – 19th January

Overachieving Capricorns with their persistent spirit yet sensitive nature will definitely see themselves in Elle Woods. Legally Blonde (2001) is now considered a modern classic in the rom-com genre. When Elle gets dumped for a more serious girl she proves to her ex, the world, and herself how smart she is by joining Harvard Law School. This fiercely feminist film fights back against the idea being feminine and smart are mutually exclusive showing that you can rock a pink dress in court.

Watch on: Amazon Prime


20th January – 18th February 

Matching to the beat of their own drum, the original and creative Aquarius require a film that will keep them on their toes. A great pick for an Aquarius movie night is Showgirls (1995): a fast-paced pulp noir about the dangerous rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle of showgirls in Las Vegas. Full of controversy of the amount of nudity in the film it bombed at the box office but has since gained cult status – it’s perfect for the boundary-pushing Aquarius.

Watch on: Amazon Prime


19th February – 20th March 

Light-hearted playful films will appeal to Pisces who are empathetic, romantic, intuitive, and mostly importantly dreamers. In Always Be My Maybe (2019) celebrity chef Sasha and her childhood sweetheart Marcus reunite just as Sasha breaks off her engagement. Sasha has always wondered whether Marcus is the one – could it be a case of right person wrong time or will their lack of honesty with each other drive another wedge between them? This sweet tale starring Ali Wong, Randall Park, and Keanu Reeves (?!) will have every Pisces feeling mushy.

Watch on: Netflix

Words by: Molly Sutherland


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