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1 month ago, by Voir Editorial Team Listen Up, It’s Time To Dust Off Your Palettes And Make Your Eyes The Statement Piece – Beauty Looks of The Week

1 month ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Listen Up, It’s Time To Dust Off Your Palettes And Make Your Eyes The Statement Piece – Beauty Looks of The Week

Who said your eyes can’t be the statement piece? From hot pink lashes, pearl lined lids and neon decorated creases – it’s clear SS21 beauty is all about being bold, bright and brave. We’ve rounded up the best eye looks from our feeds this week to fuel your make up inspiration for the season.

Think Pink!

Nothing can make a look pop like a bold shade of hot pink. Not only is the colour trending in fashion, it’s found it’s limelight in the beauty world too – and not just with hair. Rowi Singh took to Instagram with an experimental, almost airbrush-like, look as part of her ‘Power Colour’ series and we’re up for the challenge of re-creating it. Using pink lashes by Isabelle De Vries and shades from Anastasia Beverly Hills Riviera palette, it’s impossible to not think pink this spring.

Ocean Eyes

One of our favourite looks by Doja in her recent ‘shadow experiments is this two-tone blue look which quite literally makes us think ‘ocean eyes’. With navy highlights on the crease and a wing created with paler blue tones on the outer eyes, lots of layer and depth is constructed. Note how you’re drawn to the eyes despite the coordinating blue top.

Lilac Magic

When in doubt add some lilac to your look, and what’s even better? Shimmer. In this full eye, artistic styling by Sophia Sinot – a mesmerising magical aura is created. With pops of highlight accentuating the lilac tones under the eye and nose, coloured gem freckles adding extra glam and the air-brushed effect providing an ethereal feel.

The Mint Edit

Ok so maybe you’d never thought to combine mint green and purple in your make up look, and we hadn’t – until now. These shades work together so well and Stenie took to Instagram to show us just how it’s done. With purple liner highlighting the eye, and bold cat eye-shaped mint shadow illuminating the entire lid – this look is bound to get you compliments this SS21.

A Touch Of Pearl

Pearls are definitely going to make a statement around your neck this spring, but who said they can’t be on your eyes too? In a chic, elegant smoky eye look, Char Barker lined her lids with small pearl studs which add a unique sense of texture and shimmer to the eyes. Although we can’t imagine the skill and patience it must take to apply each pearl, the effort is definitely worth it to create this head-turning eye statement.

The Eyes Chico They Never Lie

The main thing to take from this beauty looks round up is that your eyes are a canvas and it’s up to you to experiment and express yourself! Beauty influencer Soreya took to Instagram with a bold, neon patterned combination that is full of unbelievable talent – with contrasting pink tones on the lid and green highlighting the under eye and nose, created using melaliners by Chanel Cosmetics. There are no rules this SS21, go crazy.

Words By Natasha Legge


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