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3 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team House of Gucci: 80s Style is Now Chic

3 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team

House of Gucci: 80s Style is Now Chic

Photo Credit: MGM Studios

After catching glimpses of the House of Gucci outfits via paparazzi photography, the trailer has assured us that the costumes are going to be iconic! Drawing from the Gucci archives, Oscar-winning costume designer, Janty Yates has created a 1980s fantasy.

The trailer opens with Lady Gaga, as Patrizia. Immediately absorbed into character, she is dawned in a burgundy v-neck, with a fur overcoat, oversized round sunglasses, and chunky, sparkling jewellery. We first see the chic, more refined couture of the 1980s, understandably so, to reflect the wealth amassed by the Gucci brand.

Whilst the heavy 1980s styling of skirt and blazer power suits, long fur coats, loud jewellery, and permed and teased hair suggest the movie is predominantly based in the 1980s, subtle nods towards 70s disco are also included. Occurring at a transitional period between the late glamour of the 1970s and the dramatic silhouettes of the 1980s, the costuming references both eras. Gaga is seen in a turquoise glittering halterneck, with permed hair and bangles during a lively party.

Photo Credit: Frame from House of Gucci Official Trailer MGM Studios

Adam Driver is defined as Maurizio Gucci in tailored suits of rich fabrics. 1980s menswear collections often relied on suits as the main garments. Gucci retains notoriety today for their suits, specifically thanks to celebrities like Harry Styles who continues to wear the flared and colourful costumes. An unrecognisable Jared Leto, as Paolo Gucci, wears a Styles-esque pink monochromatic, corduroy suit, which he states is ‘chic’. The colourful combinations worn by Leto indicate Alessandro Michele’s dedication to maintaining some of Gucci’s house history today, as they are still ‘chic’.

The trailer’s title graphics, introducing the actors, even adopts the iconic green and red Gucci stripes. This motif is rooted in the house’s history in 1921, opening as a leather goods manufacturer. Inspired by Italian saddle detail, the branded green and red stripe is still popular in their designs today.

During a ski trip, Gaga as Patrizio still retains her socialite costume in pink Christian Dior ski goggles and a matching puffy coat, belted in the middle to achieve the 1980s cinched silhouette with boxed shoulders.

Blessing herself and stating, ‘father, son, and House of Gucci’, Gaga wears one of the most definitive eighties looks: a ruched and ruffled, pink polka dot cocktail dress. Accompanied with permed hair, heavy eye makeup, and a chained choker, the outfit could not be more definitive of the 1980s if it tried.

Though some might gasp and shudder at the thought of 1980s fashion with images of neon colours and parachute pants, the costumes for House of Gucci is nothing to be afraid of. The wealth of the Gucci family has allowed Yates to define them in a chic wardrobe of couture. Whilst the eighties did bring leg warmers and lycra, it also defined the wardrobe of the working woman in oversized power suits, cocktail dresses, and chunky jewellery. The House of Gucci styling could cause a resurgence of 1980s trends, thanks to the costuming design of Yates making the eighties fashionable again.

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Words by Caitlin Sahin


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