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Boujee On A Budget

Collage of Louis Vuitton, Prada, Saint Laurent, Moschino, Tom Ford, Vivienne Westwood and Fendi

The word ‘budget’ is defined by The Oxford English Dictionary as either something that is inexpensive or "a financial plan for a defined period" either way, it’s up there with ‘Phlegm’ and ‘inappropriate’- the front runners when it comes to words I hate.

The word ‘Boujee’ on the other hand is defined by The Urban Dictionary (a little less prestigious, yet equally reliable) as "High class, Flossin’, Ballin’. One who possesses swag. Elite, rich."- a word with much more appeal. Yet it is a word that is the antithesis of the situation I find myself in come December; I, like many, slide into the annual habit of finding myself putting so much effort into trying to convince myself I’m being a savvy Christmas-er. When I might as well have just paid the excess and not endured stresses such as stumbling down the aisle of the bus, lugging bags tragically bursting with the weight of the 99p wrapping paper, multipacks of worryingly unimaginative Christmas cards that are so cheap the shop is basically paying you to take them off their shelves, and (quite frankly) naff gift sets from TK max and Primark.

As humans, on average we live to around 80. Throw in the possibility of accidental death or chronic disease and you’re looking at even fewer years to your name. Do you really want to spend the limited amount Christmases you have on this earth being consumed with worry should you accidentally chuck ‘Tesco’s finest’ trimmings rather than the ‘Everyday value’ into your basket in the final rush around the supermarket? I can safely say I would very much prefer my Christmas to be associated with the word ‘boujee’ than ‘budget’.

I’ve had enough of trying to fool Christmas into not making me broke. Why would I spend my time trying to dilute the one chance a year we get to live on the unnecessarily extravagant side with something as unexciting as a budget. This year the budget is being scrapped. Well, to a certain extent (mainly due to the pang of stress that just surged through my chest when I think about the reality of this).

Obviously scrapping any idea of a budget isn’t realistic. Blowing two months’ rent on a Louis Vuitton Speedy for your Gran and then living on super noodles for the entirety of 2020 would be ludicrous (although imagine the good karma you’d get). At the same time, where is the joy in being stingy?

The trick is to find a balance between the two. So, we’ve sifted through designer after designer to find you ten gift ideas that have all the ‘Boujee’, but aren’t going to make you broke.

Collage of Gucci gifts

Gucci key ring, Gucci belt, and Gucci phone case.

Prada badge holder, YSL card holder, Tom Ford lipstick and Vivienne Westwood ring

Prada badge holder, YSL card holder, Tom Ford lipstick and Vivienne Westwood ring.

Moschino slider, Fendi socks and Louis Vuitton scarf

Moschino slider, Fendi socks and Louis Vuitton scarf.

Words by Ella Winfield

Graphics by Araceli Alonso

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