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Are You Buying The Right Eyeshadow for Your Eye Colour?

Updated: Apr 20

Image Sita Bellan instagram @Sitabellan

Eyes are the most important part of the make-up routine; even if we don’t have a proper base on, we still extenuate the eyes with a little mascara or liner. The nipples of the face, eyes are what draw people in… we’re going to give you some secrets to make your eyes even more irresistible. Whatever your eye colour, here are the best colours to use so your eyes will catch everyone’s attention.

Morphe 9J Just a Crush Artistry Palette

Brown eyes are probably the most common eye colour, the two different types being golden brown and red/orange brown. Golden brown eyes work gorgeously with purple and blue colours such as eggplant, lavender, royal blue, magenta, lilac and sky. Whilst red/orange brown eyes suit the greener side of blue such as turquoise, navy, emerald, seafoam and aqua. Using these colours will really help to bring out the earthy tones in your brown eyes. For golden-brown eyes, try the perfect Morphe 9J Just a Crush Artistry Palette (£12) and for red/orange brown eyes, you will adore the Jeffree Star Blue Blood Palette (£52).

Jeffree Star Blue Blood Palette

If you have blue eyes, try out using the famous Egyptian colours; using warm brown shades with gold and orange undertones will make your eyes seem more navy. Copper and peach tones will also bring out those stunning ocean eyes which is why our fav pick for blue eyes has to be the Warm EDIT eyeshadow palette by Viseart (£30).

Warm EDIT eyeshadow palette by Viseart

Green eyes are to die for! They can typically have a little brown in them which is why the purple undertones work an absolute treat here. Using purple undertones such as plum, violet, wine and pink will really make your eyes piercing green; take a look at presenter Emma Willis for inspiration with her green eyes…it makes us want to watch The Voice more than ever. Your new best friend will be Huda Beauty The New Nude Eyeshadow Palette (£56).

Huda Beauty The New Nude Eyeshadow Palette

Have you got grey eyes? Congrats sweetie, you’ve just won the genetic lottery. Only 3% of people have grey eyes! They act as a colour wheel including colours such as hazel, green and amber. Having grey eyes means you can enhance any of these shades to make your eyes seem different colours each day…for example if you want to enhance the amber in your eyes try using oranges and reds from the Beauty Bay EYN Fiery 16 Colour Palette (£10) to make that amber really pop.

Beauty Bay EYN Fiery 16 Colour Palette

Words by Sophie Smiler

Graphics by Katie Janes

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