The magic of the runway shows as seen through the lenses of

The emotions, the detail, the beauty and the atmosphere of the international shows through the lenses of

by Marianne Tupelo.


Article originally written for Voir Fashion magazine Issue 9.

Pause for just one moment to think about the hundreds of hours which go into preparing for an international runway show. Meticulously designing the collection, casting the models, fittings, rehearsals, fine adjustments, setting

the stage, not to mention schedule changes, travel and waiting time. Then it’s all over within the blink of an eye and a round of applause. Was the collection powerful enough? Will it receive the right attention? Was it memorable?

Cue, the team of artists poised and ready to capture the spirit of each and every show, details

from which the eye scarcely picks up on. You may like to think of them as photographers, but it is their unerring

ability to reproduce the essence of each collection, which sets them apart from mere press photographers.

Poring over their immense catalogue of catwalk show photographs from the four major international destinations - London, Milan, Paris and New York, I was somewhat humbled and overwhelmed, in the sense that these images

were transporting me back to the mini spectacles, such was the depth of detail and atmosphere captured.


It is one thing coming away with photographs from a runway show, it is another thing entirely to capture its magic.

Capturing the magic, is what has propelled to the pole position it is in today. As ‘Official Stills Provider’ to the British Fashion Council, for London Fashion Week and London Collection Men, the company is central to the supply of images for a global fashion industry. Founded fifteen years ago by Chris Moore, (he having gained a quarter of a century’s experience photographing shows for the international catwalk forums) was the first UK

online agency to specialise in runway coverage. Now in its 15th anniversary year, the company has opened its catalogue of images to the public.

It isn’t just the clothes that capture for a global array of fashion magazines, journals and bloggers eager to deliver the latest looks and trends to their astute readers, the team of specialists train their fashion lenses backstage to bring you the emotions, the detail, the beauty and the atmosphere. They capture that rare smile, the

tension, the elegance and the glamour, and that pièce de résistance - the post-show euphoria. It is all too easy to take for granted the latest colour-schemes, armcandy, footwear, interpretations and influences those savvy fashion

designers titillate us with each season, with their inspirational collections. But spare a thought for the fact that were it not for the likes of Chris and his team, who bring you every minutiae of detail from the angle of your hair-parting to the height of your heels, how else would you mix your Moschino, style your Saint Laurent, or get creative with Chanel? 

Below we have a roundup of the best catwalking spreads as seen in Voir Fashion magazine.


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