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2 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team Trends We Kept Seeing Among New York Fashion Week Street Style

2 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Trends We Kept Seeing Among New York Fashion Week Street Style

Every season, New York Fashion Week brings around a time for one of the most inspired and creative cities to put on an artistic show of imaginative and original street style for the rest for the world to gawk over and take as inspiration for their own personal style. 


The streets of fashion week are just as much of a show as the runways and often showcase the more accessible of the trends displayed on the catwalks. They show how real people are taking the inspiration they are seeing at shows and putting their own spin on it. We thought we’d give a breakdown of some reoccurring trends we saw on the streets of NYC.

Pops Of Red

One trend we’ve been seeing everywhere for the last few months is the pops of red, or full monochromatic red looks. We’ve loved seeing this on runway but seeing it from a street style point of view is even more special. Seeing how people fit it into their own personal style and make it work in a non-commercial way is so much more genuine.


We’ve been seeing a lot of red coming in in regard to accessories and footwear, specifically ballet flats and handbags. We’ve also seen come incredible red hair accessories this fashion week – bows, hairclips, and anything else you can possibly think of.



Statement Scrunchies

Continuing along the pop of colour trend, one thing we noticed among some particularly stylish looks at NYFW, was how many people chose to incorporate a pop of colour into their looks through a big statement scrunchie. We are particularly fond of the look below by fashion lover and fashion week attendee Aisha Farida.



Bubble Skirts

Bubble Skirts are definitely an up-and-coming spring summer staple. Whilst they give us a flashback to the bubble skirts of the early 2000’s, we are ready to embrace 2024’s take on the iconic bubble skirt with open arms. They offer us to have our legs out and feel more weather appropriate as we come into the warmer months while not having to sacrifice any of the character of our style in doing so. 

We are starting to see them slowly trickle down to more affordable high street stores after being all the rage on runway in 2023, just in time for Spring/Summer. They are also so versatile when it comes to styling, we love the monochromatic pieces used in this styling by an attendee of the Sandy Liang show, and the stunning silhouette it creates. 



Bonnets and Balaclavas have been in the fashion world for a while now, and while the rise of the trend was totally unpredictable, the origin could be traced back to Dior’s cruise collection in 2022 in which several of the looks came with matching bonnets. They are a bit of a marmite of the fashion world, as you either love them or hate them. But we are not one to turn down aa quirky accessory so are completely here for it.  Bonnets are the perfect way to add a touch of chic whimsy to otherwise, simple outfits. 


Oversized Coats

Coats are never out of style, especially somewhere with weather that reaches below freezing temperatures, and this Fashion Week our favourite fashionable New Yorkers didn’t disappoint, and strutted the streets with some particularly chic outerwear. Neutrals were huge, particularly darker browns as well as colours more fitting for the coming spring months like the stunning mint green embossed coat below.




Written By Lauren Dickson

Header Image Credits: @Whiteteeblackdress Instagram


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