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Interview by Pippa Simmonds

Nikita Dragun likes to be in control. Everything from the Shakira-heavy playlist that accompanies the preparations for our LA shoot, to the contents of her ‘Dragun Egg’ (not a euphemism) is governed down to the very last detail, she tells Voir...

“My dream was always to be this bad boss bitch,” Nikita explains, in case we hadn’t already picked up on her ‘bad boss bitch’ traits from her self-assured demeanour (disclaimer – a conversation with Nikita is almost 100% likely to repeatedly include the word ‘bitch’). “So, *bitch*, you’d better believe I was gonna make sure I had the CEO title.” Nikita’s talking about her sell-out beauty brand, Dragun Beauty, which she launched earlier this year. She claims to be completely immersed in every nook and cranny of the business; so we’re keen to hear more about her entrepreneurial spirit.

Nikita has always insisted against putting her face to a brand just for the sake of it, “like all those little influencers out there”, and while she’s previously had associations with a small selection of make-up brands, including Morphe, she maintains that her own line is utterly unique and “completely me”. If you’re unaware, the entire premise of Nikita’s brand is inclusivity, and the concept behind it is her own personal ‘growth, glamour and groundedness’, throughout both her transition and career.


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