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2 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team Sabrina Carpenters Rebrand For The Ages: Disney Child To IT Girl/Pop Princess Pipeline

2 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Sabrina Carpenters Rebrand For The Ages: Disney Child To IT Girl/Pop Princess Pipeline

The Disney child star to Popstar pipeline isn’t a new thing, there are many actors and actresses alike that built their fame and loyal fanbase from being on Disney channel. They took that childhood fame and used it wisely as a foundation in their adventure into the music or more serious acting scene in their adulthood, but Sabrina Carpenter has done it perfectly. 


Sabrina Carpenter’s transition from a Disney child starlet to a fashion “IT Girl” and the Britney esc pop princess of the 2020’s, has definitely been one for the ages. She has successfully shed her child star image and emerged as a talented, versatile and even trendy artist in the music industry, which can be hard to do with the often “cringy” child star background.


Sabrina Carpenter first rose to fame through her role as Maya Hart in the Disney Channel series “Girl Meets World.” Her impressive acting skills and charming personality made her a total fan favourite among Disney Channel fans, which built her an incredible platform to work off when it came to pursuing the next steps of her career.


In 2015, Sabrina released her debut album, “Eyes Wide Open,” which showcased her impressive singing abilities and introduced her unique pop sound. Sabrina’s transition was evident in her music, which showcased a more mature and sophisticated side to her. With each album release, Sabrina Carpenter proved her versatility as a pop artist. Her lyrics became more personal and relatable, resonating with a wider audience. 


She continued to grow in her music career with songs like “Sue Me,” “Why,” and the song which truly grew her success and of her most known songs “Skin”. The hit song was about the tumultuous love triangle between herself and two fellow Disney starlets, Sabrina’s new boyfriend Joshua Bassett, and his “SOUR” ex-girlfriend (pardon the pun), Olivia Rodrigo. 

Due to the situation between the three being heavily discussed on social media, the scandalous release of “Skin”, being a very “he’s touching me now, not you” type of song, got everybody talking and definitely contributed to Carpenters new grown-up image.


Sabrina Carpenter’s rebranding process expands past just her music, and into her style and image as a whole. She’s adopted a very Bratz doll esc style and has been adorably compared to a Polly Pocket, due to her stunning blonde hair, petite frame and funky style. She has been dropping jaws all year with cute Y2K micro mini dresses and signature Bratz doll platform boots whilst opening for Taylor Swift’s eras tour.


She has continued to embrace a more edgy and contemporary image and continue her “rebrand” by working with trendy brands and creatives. Recently, she took part in a shoot for Kim Kardashians brand “SKIMS”, this was a genius move and great display of her versatility, further solidifying her status as a fashion icon.


The shoot for the brand’s Spring collection was shot by none other but the incredibly talented Jack Brigland, best known for that iconicshoot of Robert Pattinson for GQ (you know the one we mean) as well as working with huge names like Kim Kardashian and Travis Scott to name but a few. His work is beautifully identifiable by his entrancing use of colour to create captivating and artistic imagery.


She’s also recently taken part in a shoot with another incredibly talented and equally trendy fashion photographer, Amber Asaly, a member of Kylie Jenner’s inner circle and her go to photographer. The shoot was done in Asaly’s signature Y2K film style, and further shows the versatility of Sabrina and furthers her position as a fashion IT Girl.


As she continues to explore new opportunities, push boundaries and surpass peoples pre conceived notions of ex-Disney starlets, it’s clear that Sabrina Carpenter’s impact will extend far beyond her music and acting career.

Written By Lauren Dickson


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