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6 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team We Are All About These Self-Empowering Beauty Movements

6 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team

We Are All About These Self-Empowering Beauty Movements

2021 saw the beauty world shift. From glowy natural looks becoming more popular and bushy brows coming to their peak, to elements of Y2K nostalgia being injected into our daily makeup routines.

Whilst all these aspects are slightly different, they come together to create a cohesive polished look that forms a healthy and put-together appearance, with emphasis on healthy. With trends centred around wellness and health, it is only natural that skincare and minimalist approaches to beauty will continue to rise throughout 2022, and we are here to give you a heads up on what we are in store for. 

Gender Norms Redefined 

With male-identifying celebrities such as Harry Styles and Machine Gun Kelly releasing nail polish in 2021, it is safe to say the definition of masculinity is evolving and becoming a less stagnant and toxic space. This is exciting and means men can hopefully start feeling less anxious about investing in a beauty or self-care regime. 

In 2022, we hope to see beauty and skincare continue to challenge the stigmas around gender. Having products split into gender categories simply isn’t good enough, and it’s great to see more brands having a gender-neutral approach to their recent releases. 

Beauty Goes High-Tech

In 2022, technology is an integral part of our everyday lives, and the beauty industry is no different. In 2021 we saw a rise in virtual makeup try-ons, with the likes of Clinique, Mac, Maybelline and many more allowing us to try out different makeup shades without even having to go to a store. 

Try-ons weren’t the only way for us to see which products work best for us from the comfort of our own homes, as brands such as The INKEY List have pushed to make their website experiences more personal and beginner-friendly through services that help you build the perfect skincare regime by getting to know you. 

We expect this year to bring us further innovative approaches to finding the perfect product for us, all whilst making online shopping a little more fun during these pandemic ridden times. We also expect makeup brands to continue to broaden their creative connections, particularly through the gaming industry. 2021 saw Nars partner with Zepeto, creating a virtual space for gamers and makeup lovers to unite. 

Striving For Diversity 

It may seem we have come a long way in terms of diversity in the beauty industry, and in some ways, we have. But, there is a long way to go. 

In the past few years, there has been a significant rise in the representation of different ethnicities in the beauty industry and more black business owners launching their beauty brands. Whilst this is great news, the skincare community is somewhat left behind, with advertising and education in this field being whitewashed. 

In the past year, many Asian beauty and skincare techniques have been taken on by mainstream audiences (the Gua Sha, sheet masks, fermented skincare, to name a few). This leaves us to wonder, why is it that these techniques only gain traction when white people show the benefits? Often, influencers who jump on these trends don’t give credit to the products’ origins, which in turn equates to their audience not being able to appreciate the culture that brought them such incredible skincare.

The answer to this is simple; educate yourself when it comes to the products you use, and educate others who do not give appreciation to the original cultures! Also, try to buy authentically when it comes to Asian beauty. 

Another issue we hope to see decreasing in 2022 is dermatologists and skincare therapists not being taught how to treat darker skin complexions. This happens as a result of teachings always being presented on white skin, which isn’t practical when going into the real world and being faced with clients of different ethnicities. To combat this, platforms holding medical teachings (such as Mind The Gap created by Black Medical Student Malone Mukwende) have been made to ensure professionals hold the necessary knowledge to give black people the skincare services they deserve. 

We hope 2022 sees more appreciation around different cultures in the beauty industry, whilst also creating awareness around skin tones and representation.

Wellness To Stay A Priority

To some, it may not be obvious that wellness is taking over in the Beauty industry. But, it has always been said that beauty starts from within, and when you think about how products such as sun cream, vitamins and the Gua Sha have come into their own during the last year, the importance of wellness in today’s society becomes apparent. Perhaps it is down to the pandemic, all those months staying at home made us realise how important self-care is, and that we were not giving enough attention to our health and wellness beforehand.  

We can also thank apps like Tiktok for this spike in wellness trends. After all, giving us 60-second snippets of advice from fitness gurus, health professionals and wellness enthusiasts has left us motivated and with a long wish list of products we need to help us on our wellness journey. 

Speaking of products, here are some of our favourites to get you started (if you haven’t already!) on your wellness journey;

Skincare To Dominate

Since 2020 skincare has hurdled its way to becoming the frontrunner of the beauty industry, as #skinimalism became one of the most loved and viral trends last year. If you’re new to this term, think of the well known saying “less is more”, and roll with it. 

This mantra is applied to both skincare and makeup, firmly suggesting we should keep our beauty routines as simple as possible. When it comes to skincare, this means not overloading our skin with a bunch of products, as this could lead to irritation and long term damage. Instead, we should seek dependable and gentle products to include in a daily step-by-step regime. 

It is predicted that the latest product craze in 2021 will be fermented skincare, and we are here for it! An example of an amazing fermented skin care product is ‘The Essence’ by Tatcha, which contains ingredients such as amino acids and lactic acids which help to promote the increase of cellular turnover whilst supporting the skin’s barrier. This results in a bright and healthy complexion, all whilst increasing skin hydration. As if this wasn’t enough, ‘The Essence’ can help your skin absorb any other products you use, helping you get your money’s worth! 

Makeup To Mirror Skincare

With us all becoming so passionate about skincare, it is no surprise that the makeup industry is now striving to meet our newfound needs. In the past few months, we have seen the popularity of Lip Oils soar, with Tiktok creators showing us their favourite lip oils on the market. 

The benefit of using Lip Oil is that you are nourishing your lips as a part of your makeup routine. We are miles ahead of where we were in 2016, in the dark days of drying matte lipsticks. Lip Oils are usually formulated with hydrating and soothing oils such as Jojoba and rosehip, providing your lips with gentle moisture throughout the day. 

Lip oils are only the beginning of skincare enhancing makeup this year, with brands now making this a priority. Dior is one of the brands making this change, with the reformulation of the ‘Forever Foundation’, which is marketed as a 86% skincare base. This comes as Dior has rolled out their Clean Policy, in which the brand has abolished several ingredients in new formulations, to ensure that Dior is becoming more sustainable and natural.

Sustainability Becomes Routine

Being sustainable with fashion has become a routine to many, with apps like Vinted and Depop working wonders with preventing unwanted items from becoming waste. However, when it comes to the Beauty industry, sustainability hasn’t always been so simple. 

This year, we can expect to see more brands stepping out to make a change for the better. Whether that be following in the footsteps of Dior with refillable products, or using recycled packaging the way The Body Shop has. This means that many of the big beauty brands are becoming more Eco-Friendly, which is super helpful if you are someone who shops online.

If you like to physically go out shopping, there will also be more chances for your experience to be sustainable. This is due to shops like Boots launching initiatives such as ‘Recycle At Boots’, promoting customers to recycle their empty product packaging, all in return for Advantage points! 

Being sustainable can seem daunting, but, we are getting closer to this process becoming simple and stress-free. And, with so many sustainable products popping up, it’s easier than ever to find Eco-Friendly alternatives to your beloved beauty products that haven’t yet made the sustainable change.

Viva La Viral Video

Now, whilst we can offer some insight into what the next 12 months have in store, one thing we can’t predict is what will go viral. 2021 saw Tiktok nudge various trends into the mainstream, such as; Y2K Fashion, glowy makeup and curtain bangs! 

Whilst trends aren’t everything and we suggest not to change your whole style every time a new trend comes, our best advice is to keep your eye on apps like Instagram and Tiktok if you want to be in the loop with what is hot throughout 2022. Happy scrolling!

Words By Nadia Clasper

Photo Credit: Dior Beauty


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