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2 years ago, by Voir Editorial Team Voir Sends You Packing: Beach Break

2 years ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Voir Sends You Packing: Beach Break

Voir sends you packing, holidays

Picture the scene: you’re out with the girls, sipping on cocktails, moaning about the shocking non-summer we Brits appear to be undergoing. You jokingly check SkyScanner and see a cheap flight to a hot climate for a long weekend? Shall we? Can we? Yes, you bloody can – and here’s what you should pack.

Let me first tell you about the sarong. So often is the sarong overlooked and I ask, my God, why? It is the most versatile item of clothing in your wardrobe and absolutely perfect for a beach break. Skirt? Check. Scarf? Check. Beach cover-up? Check checkity check.

Silk slip skirts are your best friend and perfect for a warm summer’s evening. Pair it with a white tee-shirt tied up in a knot at the front, baring a little midriff for proper holiday vibes. Your white jeans that you once bought in good faith (“yeah, I’ll wear these”) can finally be worn in the glorious sunshine, with a pair of espadrilles or wedges. In fact, break out all your white clothes; go for prairie shirts and frilly linen dresses. Live your bohemian fantasy.

Obviously, no beach holiday would be complete without a swimming costume; before anybody even thinks twice about their ‘beach body’ a top tip in obtaining one is to have a body, and subsequently go to a beach. Look at Hunza G for gorgeous bikinis and increasingly popular one pieces *they’re belted* – tanned tums are so overrated. And honestly, any excuse to whip out a huge floppy hat, I’m a huge advocate for. Protect your scalp and face while also looking painfully chic, these hats are usually fold-proof and can fit nicely in your suitcase. Who doesn’t love a floppy hat wide enough to sail away on?

Voir sends you packing, holidays

If, like me, after numerous lashings of sun cream your skin still remains fallible, try OUAI’s ‘After Sun Body Soother’ which comes as an aerosol and releases an icy foam creating an instant cooling sensation to relieve irritated, burnt skin, leaving you with a little shimmer afterglow. For salty, ocean hair, Kératase’s ‘Apres Soleil’ range is designed specifically for taming frizz and fighting dryness. Give your skin a chance to bathe in the sun, so try a tinted moisturiser with SPF; try Sisley’s brand new ‘Super Stick Soltaire SPF50+Teinte’ which acts like a tinted foundation stick, which you can easily buff out, leaving a light, non-greasy coverage. Nothing says beach break like bronzed, freckled cheeks and little rosy nose.

A weekend in the sun is the perfect opportunity to try out those statement earrings. Think chunky jewellery, anklets and toe-rings poking out of strappy sandals. Pair this with a clutch or a raffia tote bag for instant beach babe couture.

Finally, a good book is a necessity. There’s nothing more relaxing and fulfilling than finally taking the time to read that book you’ve been saying you would for the past year, in the sunshine, with the waves lapping nearby. Maybe even the most recent issue of Voir Fashion?

Check out Voir’s City Break packing list for more advice on The KonMari Packing Method, on-board make-up tips and ‘emergency underwear’. Bon voyage x

Illustrations by Sasha Green


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