Voir Sends You Packing: City Break

With flights being cheaper than ever (and winter feeling longer than ever), a weekend away has never been so appealing. Here’s Voir’s condensed guide to making sure you pack wisely and economically for your city mini-break.

When it comes to sartorial choices, versatility is key. Plan and create a capsule wardrobe,

comprising a few pieces that are compatible with multiple garments. Sun dresses are always a

winner; they’re pretty and lightweight and can be dressed up with wedges or dressed down with trainers. They’re perfect for a warmer day with a pair of sunglasses or a baggy jumper if the weather isn’t playing ball. Similarly, cotton and jersey jumpsuits can be just as versatile, as well as bang on trend. Alternatively, think about taking silk camisoles or loose shirts which are lightweight, floaty and crucially don’t cling to your armpits so can be worn on consecutive days (shout-out to my fellow sniff-test Sweaty-Susie’s out there). Style that with a pair of jazzy palazzo pants or culottes and you’re good to go.

Pack comfortable trainers or tennis shoes, and roll socks and underwear inside them, to maximise space. In fact, roll all your clothing (like a proverbial sushi roll). Check out packing cubes if you’re serious about organisation, which helps delegate space appropriately, as well as keeping clothes and beauty essentials together and easy to find.

Check out The KonMari Method to spark unadulterated joy while packing.

Toiletries can be tricky, especially when you’re only permitted to bring what you can fit in that pitiful plastic bag. For a weekend away though, less really is best. A tinted moisturiser does two jobs in one, always with SPF as your skin won’t be used to the sun in other climates (hot or cold). Keep it simple with pared-back makeup and multipurpose items – think lipstick as blush,

bronzer as eye shadow and setting powder as dry shampoo. What’s appealing about mini-breaks is the opportunity to relax and rejuvenate, so let your skin do the same. Flying can be very drying on your skin, so check out cult beauty favourite Weleda’s 'Skin Food' which acts as an all-purpose skin balm that is both rich and creamy (and smells sweet with orange blossom, drool) and can be used on the face, body and hands. They have different versions too, effective for all skin types and ages – lighter or richer, depending on the coverage you need.

Let’s not split hairs here… you’ll need to leave straighteners, curlers and hairdryers at home

because they’re real space stealers. Just whack your hair in a bun or a low ponytail with a big pair of sunglasses (note, sunglasses also v. important – can be worn to block out the sun AND

disguise hangover hooded-eyelids) and a slick of lipstick – instant Hepburn elegance. Greasy hair can be easily concealed with a hair band or a chic, bohemian hair wrap. Keep jewellery to an absolute minimum; think understated with gold hoops and whatever day-to-day jewellery you normally wear. Regarding gadgets, resist throwing the wires and chargers recklessly in the suitcase as this is prime time for damage, so keep them all together and safe in a small purse. You’ll thank me later. Also, don’t forget an adaptor, obviously.

We’re all guilty of packing ‘emergency’ underwear – you won’t need them, I have faith in you and your continence, girl. Your weekend away should be a source of enjoyment and relaxation; you’ll be surprised about how much you can fit in your hold-all if you pack frugally and smartly. Now, go forth and mini-break in style. Send us a postcard.

Artwork by Luke Walwyn

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