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4 weeks ago, by Voir Editorial Team The Best Spring/Summer Shoes: From Fashion Week To Your Wardrobe

4 weeks ago, by Voir Editorial Team

The Best Spring/Summer Shoes: From Fashion Week To Your Wardrobe

 Photo Credit: Fendi

Fashion weeks have passed and we’ve watched as head scarfs, pastel tones and folklore-inspired clothing has made their way from the runways to Spring trend forecasts. With the weather (sort of) warming up, the clouds (sort of) disappearing and the sun (sort of) making an appearance, we’re impatiently anticipating the arrival of warmer Spring days. But now, the question is; what shoes should we be wearing when they finally arrive? VOIR has compiled a rundown for you of the best shoes for the Spring and Summer seasons so you don’t have to.

Chunky Sandals 

Whether it’s the height that chunky soles give you that you love, or the ‘90s throwback vibes they give off – don’t sweat it, because the chunky shoe trend isn’t going anywhere. 2019-20 was the return of the chunky sneakers, but 2021 is the return of the chunky sandals – yay! Fashion week brought us lots of colourful, embellished, and Velcro style chunky sandals, from SEA’s chunky black soles to Jason Wu’s chunky sandal straps, stock up on some stocky footwear for Spring/Summer.



Versace’s underwater style Spring/Summer show in all of its medusa-inspired beauty was the catalyst of the sea-inspired prints that are sure to trend this Spring, but along with them, their bright blue chunky chain shoes. In the iconic gold accessorised look from Versace, the shoes were strapped with chains. It’s a shoe trend that adds a little bit of power to any delicate Spring/Summer look.


Thankfully, the Spring/Summer ‘Flatform’ trend means your feet can be a little more comfortable. Appearing in the collections of Erdem and Gabriella Hearst, the Flatforms add a bold, striking look to any ensemble. Offering up an opportunity for more colourful soles, Flatforms are an investment for your Spring/Summer wardrobe.


There’s nothing quite as appropriate for the floral, sunny delicate days of Spring and Summer as lace. Valentino introduced white lace decorated shirts for Spring, so it makes sense that these subtle details would be carried through into our accessorising. Fendi’s Spring looks have been stimulant for the lace shoe trend this year, as their light and airy collection heavily featured delicately hand-woven lace boots, slides, mules, pumps, and heels. 



A shoe that has always been the focus of some debate – you either love them or you hate them; the clogs. But regardless of how you feel about them, they’re back for 2021. Louis Vuitton and Hermes used the clog as a modest, simplistic accessory that in neutral palettes can allow for more clothing-focused attention, whilst adding simplistic stylized additions such as studs or straps in order to elevate the shoe slightly, or a sleeker fit and style to make them futuristic.


Words By Megan Selway


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