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6 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team Sustainable Beauty, The Return Of The Bangs and The Lipstick Shade of Spring – This Week’s Instagram Beauty Round Up

6 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Sustainable Beauty, The Return Of The Bangs and The Lipstick Shade of Spring – This Week’s Instagram Beauty Round Up

The beauty world is taking a turn for the best, from Huda Beauty’s new sustainable AND vegan product, the return of the side bang and the lipstick shade of spring – we’ve got you covered with all the latest trends from Instagram this week.

Shadow Wing


There’s a new market for eyeshadow this SS21, with celebrities getting creative and experimenting with new shapes and silhouettes. We love the turn to using different colours when creating eye looks and one stand out look is the ‘shadow wing’. In a bold, heavy duty pigment which outlines the entire crease this strong wing effect is simple to create and versatile enough to place in any make up look.

Natural Taupe Tones

Let’s talk shadow colours. Taupe colours are essential this spring, you can achieve interesting looks by combining darker and lighter tones to make your eyes pop. From glam with smoky eyes to more neutral go-tos, there’s lots of ways to experiment with a taupe themed palette.

Lashes For Every Occasion

There’s nothing better than a pair lashes for every occasion. Spending lots on extensions can be very hard-hitting, so we’ve rounded up some of the best affordable falsies in the beauty world right now for when mascara just won’t cut it. Once you’ve mastered the application process you’ll be hooked. There’s lots of options, too, wether you like a natural looking pair, lots of volume or thickness.

Bangs Are Back

When it comes to hairstyles, we’ve spotted lots of influencers experimenting with TB looks – especially with styles from the 00s. One of our favourite comebacks is the side bang. Giving us major Lindsey Lohan, old school Beyonce and Rihanna vibes. This look can work with both long and short styles.

Sustainable Is Beautiful

What’s better than make up? Sustainable make up. Huda Beauty took to Instagram to share their newest products which are both sustainable AND vegan. The first product is the dewy skin tint which comes in various shades and tones for a natural glow to your complexion. The second is the patterning bronzing powder which work perfectly together to create your go-to spring look. This collection drops June 1st.

The Lipstick Shade of Spring 

This spring we’re making our lips pretty in pink. Already the colour of the season fashion wise, so why not incorporate it into your make up look? Of course, all lip shades are forever timeless – the main thing to take from this is that adding a splash of colour is essential.

Liner Details

Kylie has joined the masses with the trending coloured liner trend. In this look, her eyes are accentuated using a bold, white stroke on the lid which has been used to create a thick wing. We love the creativity in this trend as so many different and unique looks can be achieved. Simply use a graphic liner, liquid works best.

No Mascara? No Problem

Hailey Bieber is proving that, despite to popular belief, the perfect make up look can be created without mascara! She took to Instagram with nude tones on her lids – slight pink and orange blends making her eyes bold and natural lashes still looking pretty. This could be the way forward – there will be less mess when it comes to removing the make up too!

Full Face Soft Glam

I think we all have a go-to everyday make up look – it’s an essential part of our routine. What’s important is choosing the right products to achieve this soft glam. If you’re in need of a re-vamp, we’ve got you covered. Zoe Kravitz took to Instagram with her take on a natural glam and we can’t wait to re-create it.

Words By Natasha Legge


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