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4 years ago, by Voir Editorial Team Simple Ways to Turn Your Ponytail Into A Chic Power-Pony

4 years ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Simple Ways to Turn Your Ponytail Into A Chic Power-Pony

images via @alissajanay Instagram, @trinbeans Pinterest, and @clothinginspos Twitter
images via @alissajanay Instagram, @trinbeans Pinterest, and @clothinginspos Twitter

It was probably with you on your first day of school, and possibly escorted you on the first day of your career—you may be sporting one right now. The ponytail is one of the few things that can transition perfectly from childhood right into adulthood. The versatile style can be worn in an infinite amount of ways—high or low, straight or curly, sleek, or messy—and is a staple in almost every long-haired person’s lifestyle. The ponytail has a slightly casual reputation and isn’t always given the easily achieved finesse it deserves. Here are five simple ways to personalise your power-pony to transform it into a chic statement.

Wrap It

One of the most simple ways to elevate your ponytail to a level of sophistication is beyond easy. By simply covering your hair tie with a small ribbon of hair, it takes your ponytail from casual and relaxed to powerful and high fashion. Sleek roots give this look a sharp and minimal vibe; however, this technique can be used on any style of the ponytail to give it a polished result.

Emily Ratajkowski and Ariana Grande images via Getty Images
Emily Ratajkowski and Ariana Grande images via Getty Images

Quick N Easy| Shake N Go “Wrap-Around” Pontaytail| Ft. Elevatestyles


images via @_hairbygabrielle Instagram, Luxy Hair Extentions

Achieving a perfectly sleek ponytail—with no lumps, bumps, or stray hairs—is a lot more difficult than one would imagine. Aiming for a textured, flyaway ponytail is an easier option that can give you a whimsical finish with minimal effort. Simply create a ponytail at the nape of your neck with your (previously waved) hair. When styling the ponytail, leave some hairs loose and undone around the front hairline. Use these hairs to cover the hair tie and also to create a tousled halo of strands around your face.

HOW TO | HIGH TEXTURED PONY via Rachel Vitullo


How to: Genie Bubble Ponytail via Dutchess Briads

The ‘Bubble Ponytail’ is another look with a huge impact, but very little effort. The key to creating this look is all in the details. The playful pony is styled with hair ties placed at uniformed intervals throughout the style. Personalise this look by your choice of hair elastics. Coloured, black, or transparent hair ties will give you completely different results. Accessories and jewelry are other ways you can elevate this look to an entirely new level.

Kendall Jenner image via C Flanigan, @hairbykele

Scandinavian Bun

For a less kawaii approach, tie the ribbon in a knot instead of a classic bow. This look is divine and works best if you wear the ponytail in a low bun. Simply beautiful. The fabric of choice gives the raw and simple bun a level of style while keeping it pure and effortless. This is the perfect look for literally any outfit or mood. Amazingly, this also works on every single hair texture and type. Win-win! It’s a simple style that has no limits and can convey any mood or feeling you desire. It’s a lifelong companion and one of the first things we learned to style ourselves. Never underestimate the power of the Ponytail.

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Words by Luke Nolan

Graphics by Frances Scott


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