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2 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team The Flavour Parlour: Coca-Cola Ventures Into The World Of Hair Salons

2 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team

The Flavour Parlour: Coca-Cola Ventures Into The World Of Hair Salons

We’ve got a new trend on the block – and it’s matching your hair colour to your drink. Yes, you read that right. Coca-Cola is trying their hand at the hair colouring game and opening their doors to the ‘Flavour Parlour’ at Not Another Salon in East London. They’re giving fans the chance to book in for a completely free hair colour appointment at the salon, offering hair makeovers inspired by their Coca-Cola drink of choice to celebrate their newest and most loved flavours – Lemon, Cherry, Vanilla, and Zero Sugar.

Each transformation offers a whole new look:

Coke Cherry


Coke Cherry elicits a rich and luxurious red, creating a hair colour ranging from a deep dark shade of blood red to shiny crimson with hints of magenta peeking through. 

Coke Lemon


Coke Lemon gives the ultimate bright and sunny yellow, from Warhol’s Marilyn pop-art yellow, to the subtle shade of homemade lemonade – don’t shy away from those yellow tones that the beach blonde brigade has taught you to fear!

Coke Zero Sugar


Coke Zero Sugar will bring you a rich brunette with warm tones of red and gold, perfect for that more neutral or subtle change

Coke Vanilla


Coke Vanilla will bring that perfect medium between buttery and icy blonde, with a combination of warm and cool tones to achieve that perfect ‘Legally Blonde’ look. 

The salon is extremely honoured to be hosting the Flavour Parlour event, with the salon director and founder Sophia Hilton stating that: “We’re so excited to be hosting the Coca-Cola Flavour Parlour at our salon. We’re all about allowing people to show their true colours and express themselves to the fullest, thanks to cutting edge hairstyles and colour.  Whether you choose to go for a Dua Lipa inspired Coke Cherry up-do, never out of fashion bleached blonde or brunette, or even something more eye catching with the bright yellow offering, we know people are going to love their new style, just in time for summer!”


You will be able to book your free appointment by emailing cocacola@notanother.com between 6th – 8th June 2024. Once you’ve emailed, Not Another Salon – located at 188 Brick Lane, London, E1 6SA – will be in touch to confirm appointments, patch tests, and consultations regarding your colour choice.

Sophia Hilton also provided her thoughts on hair trends and predicts the direction in which hair trends will go from this summer. She gave six predictions, the first being the continuation of cherry red hair we’ve seen become popular since Dua Lipa’s red hair reveal in October 2023. She states: “It’s bold, but it’s so beautiful. Cherry red is going to be the colour for those looking to push their trend limits and make a statement this summer.”


Goth girl blonde will also make a return this summer. Picture a warm toned blonde with a grungy, dark root – think Angelina Jolie in Girl, Interrupted. If the fully gothic-girl blonde look isn’t something you’re after, Hilton looks to Kim Kardashian and her pastel pink grungy bob from April 2024 for inspiration. Just 24 hours after debuting her new platinum hair, Kim shows up to Instagram with her new pink look, displaying the versatility and temporariness of pale hair colours. 2024/5 will be the time for changing your hair, whether it be permanently or only for a weekend. 



For those of us only looking for a partial change, hair panelling may be the next trend for you. Think of Christina Aguilera circa 2010. Panelling works with adding in blocks of colour to your natural hair or changing up to two new colours – it’s up to you!



Sophia Hilton also highlights that there is a strong gravitation to pulling away from trends and fashion, stating that “With inclusivity and diversity ever more prevalent in the way in which people express themselves and their look, we’ve noticed a strong trend towards people saying ‘no’ to fashion. Not Another Salon have always been advocates of this, where we encourage people only to express who they are on the inside, regardless of what is on trend.” Although there is a general trend in hair, we encourage you to choose what makes you feel happy – not what makes you feel like you’re fitting in.”

Written By Bethan Gwynne


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