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2 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team May’s Top Music Moments To Add To Your Playlist

2 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team

May’s Top Music Moments To Add To Your Playlist

As summer well and truly arrives, our favourite musicians are stepping up their game to ensure they are a part of the soundtrack to our summer. From triumphant Spanish Pop to film soundtracks and big Rap comebacks, May has offered us some great music, and we are here to give you the rundown of all the latest songs you need in your summer playlist; 

Doja Cat – Vegas

This month, we got our first glimpse into what to expect from the upcoming ELVIS film. Once again showing us just how versatile she is, Doja teamed up with Shonka to sample ‘Hound Dog’, creating a modern take on a classic Elvis track. We have had ‘Vegas’ on repeat the past couple of weeks!

Alex Rzyan – Hot Headed

‘Hot Headed’ is the track that is validating all our impulsive feelings throughout Mercury retrograde, with lyricism based on how being quick-tempered can affect your relationship. Although the lyrics are feisty as ever, the accompaniment of ‘Hot Headed’ is subtle and laid-back, featuring smooth guitar lines and a downtempo shuffled drum pattern.

Becky G – Bailé Con Mi Ex

Bailé Con Mi Ex is the latest single from Becky’s second album ‘Esquemas’, which finally dropped last Friday, 13th May. The track radiates delightful energy bursting with disco-pop characteristics, as Becky sings lyrics on the subject of reconnecting with an ex. The album itself is pretty exciting too, as Becky stands in her spotlight, shining in both collaborations and solo tracks.

Post Malone, Roddy Rich – Cooped Up 

Nothing says summer quite like a Post Malone track, and we were so excited to see that he is finally back on the music scene! ‘Cooped Up’ takes us on Post’s journey of letting go of the pandemic blues that we all relate to, and the feelings of being stuck. The track comes as the first release of his upcoming album, coming June 3rd and will feature collaborations with the likes of Doja Cat and Kid Laroi. 

Fivio Foreign, Chloe, KayCyy – Hello 

Teaming up to deliver a smooth and catchy rap track this month were Fivio Foreign, Chloe and KayCyy. The collaboration comes from Fivio’s latest album ‘B.I.B.L.E’ which was released earlier this year in April. The trio came together for an energetic and attitude driven video in a typical drill setting, as they perform romantic lyrics. 

Madeline the Person – MEAN!

Currently blowing up on Tiktok as a result of the emotional and relatable lyrics on the subject of those who use ‘honesty’ as a way to hurt your feelings, this song is one of the most vulnerable and beautiful tracks out at the minute. Complete with heavenly harmonies, relaxed acoustic guitar motifs and an inventive melody, this needs to be in your playlist!

Jack Harlow – Dua Lipa

One of the current biggest heartthrobs around, Jack Harlow, has just released his latest album ‘Come Home The Kids Miss You’. Following high anticipation and many viral moments, Harlow’s album has shot to number 3 on the Billboard charts, proving he is a force to be reckoned with. Aside from the chart-topper ‘First Class’, the track on everyone’s lips is ‘Dua Lipa’, in which Jack goes on to say “Dua Lipa, I’m trying to do more with her than do a feature”… Talk about being bold!

A$AP Rocky- D.M.B.

Proving nothing is coming between him and his baby mama, Rihanna, A$AP Rocky broke the internet earlier this month with the video for his latest track ‘D.M.B.’. Featuring different setups of him and Riri, whether they are partying or hustling, the couple takes us on a journey that only proves more so to the world that they are stronger than ever. The song itself has all the attitude you would expect from an A$AP track whilst coming across as a love letter to Rihanna, with an apparent line being “She got bank accounts too, with big amounts, shit you couldn’t count”. 

Pip Millett – Downright

We can always rely on Pip Millett to hit us right in the feels, and this month was no exception. ‘Downright’ is based on Pip’s struggle with depression, brought to life through a Lo-Fi style beat that crescendos into a potent chorus in which Pip sings “I know you still need me when I’m down. Down is just downright, Get the fuck out of my head”. 

Camila Cabello, Maria Becerra – Hasta Los Dientes 

Following the release of Camila’s latest triumphant album ‘Familia’, she has treated us to one of the most vibrant and fun videos we have seen from her. ‘Hasta Los Dientes’ is a celebration of great pop music, sung in Spanish by both Camila and collaborator Maria Becerra. The duo take on a plethora of vivid wigs, extravagant outfits and infectious choreography; you need to watch this! 

Kendrick Lamar – The Heart Part 5

You can’t deny the buzz surrounding Kendrick Lamar right now, as his long-awaited album ‘Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers’ dropped last week. To get us hyped for the album, Kendrick dropped ‘The Heart Part 5’, a release pattern he has used since the early stages of his career, as a means to share the mindset he is currently in. The track sees Lamar seamlessly blend live instruments and string sections with his classic staccato flow, as he raps heartfelt lyrics on the subject of what it means to him to be an influential figure, creating positive change. The video sees Kendrick transform into multiple culturally influential black figures, relating directly to the lyrics of the song. 

Words By Nadia Clasper

Graphic Credit: Gerasim Kutsarov


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