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2 years ago, by Voir Editorial Team It’s Time To Put Your Period Woes In The Backseat; Ketish Launches The Potion.

2 years ago, by Voir Editorial Team

It’s Time To Put Your Period Woes In The Backseat; Ketish Launches The Potion.

Feminine and sexual wellness brand, Ketish, founded by Emaan Abbas is here to rescue women with their second and latest product ‘The Potion’, launching today. After their successful venture into pre-play intimate sheets, Ketish has expanded its self-care range with The Potion that comes as a quick-fix to soothe female cramps and muscle tension during various stages of the monthly cycle that we have been dreading for as long as we remember. The magical concoction which may not be actual magic is a healing blend of nourishing plant oils and soothing botanicals and as close as you will get to the abracadabras.

Image credit: Courtesy of Ketish

Founder Emaan Abbass experienced the benefits of the oil during periods of menstrual discomfort and says:

“As someone with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), my periods were constantly fluctuating. I would go months without a period, and when I did have one, the pains were unbearable,” explains Abbass. “I was tired of popping pain killers. I wanted to find a natural remedy that would help calm and soothe my body during my monthly cycle. The Potion, when massaged onto areas of tension, did just that. It not only helped with my discomfort but it smells incredible, too.”

Image credit: Courtesy of Ketish

The Potion that comes as a topical ointment boasts of 100% natural ingredients like hemp seed oil, lavender oil, clary sage oil, bergamot oil, eucalyptus oil, and arnica. The soothing army of the aforementioned oils offers calming aromatherapeutic properties that aim to soothe and comfort on contact. The topical product creates a multipurpose formula, to be applied at specific pressure points that soothe muscle tension and ease the harrowing period gremlins.

Image credit: Courtesy of Ketish

Directions for use

For obtaining the targeted soothing effect, gently massage a few drops onto your abdomen, lower back, wrists, and temples. To use for all-over massage, apply a liberal amount (1–2 droppers full) on larger areas of the body for head-to-toe aromatherapeutic TLC*. 

*Consult a physician before use if pregnant or breastfeeding.

To get the best out of The Potion, Ketish recommends a soothing ritual, pre-application:

Throw the kettle on and prepare a tea fusion inspired by the product—peppermint leaves, lavender, and bergamot flowers. While your tea brews, gently massage the soothing oil all over your body, using firm but loving circular movements. Gently rub small drops on the temples, before sitting back and enjoying your herbal tea. The aromas will transport you into a blissful haven. You deserve it, after all.

Image credit: Courtesy of Ketish

Huda Kattan, chairwoman of HB Investments and Founder of Huda Beauty said:

“The Potion is a great addition to the KETISH collection of feel-good products for women. It is the perfect product to soothe, comfort, and give your body a little extra TLC when you need it most. Definitely an essential for any beauty cabinet.”

Image credit: Courtesy of Ketish

The solution to your period cramps is priced at $32 and was long overdue and. It comes as another prized addition in Ketish’s determination to replace the shame and the stigma that entails every woman’s body image. At the heart of the brand is to champion sensuality and self-love through education and empowerment.

Shop The Product Here*

*the product rate here has been featured in pounds, rates are subject to change as per currency rates.

Words by Manica Pathak

Header Image Credit: Emaan Abbass; Courtesy of Ketish


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