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4 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team International Women’s Month: Female Fashion Photographers Taking The Industry By Storm

4 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team

International Women’s Month: Female Fashion Photographers Taking The Industry By Storm

Being a publication that’s focused on empowering women, International Women’s Day and Month are held very close to our heart. We thought we would take this piece to highlight some of the most innovative and exciting female photographers setting the tone for the next generation of creatives in the Fashion Photography sector.

Harley Weir


The first incredible talent we want to mention is Harley Weir. Harley Weir is a self-taught fine art graduate that has been involved with huge campaigns with Balenciaga, Celine and Stella Mcartney. Her work is youthful and intimate and subverts conventional perceptions of the feminine gaze. Weir has an eye for the human form; many of her pieces highlight certain bodily parts or characteristics. She’s had work featured in POP, AnOther Magazine, British Vogue, CR Fashion Book, Dazed and Confused, i-D and Arena Homme+ and continues to take the fashion world by storm.



Brianna Capozzi


Another incredible woman setting the tone for others in the industry is Brianna Capozzi. She is an incredibly talented a photographer based in New York and over the recent years she has become known for her unashamed risqué shots and high-profile subjects. She’s worked with Olivia Rodrigo, Selena Gomez, and actress and fashion queen Chloë Sevigny, which resulted in one of her most risqué shots to date, with the photograph controversially depicting a lobster crawling on a naked Sevigny’s crotch.



Julia Hetta


Another talent we are particularly obsessed with is Julia Hetta. Julia Hetta is a Swedish Photographer who graduated from Amsterdam’s Gerrit Rietveldt Academy in 2004. Since then, she’s worked with some of the most renowned named and publications within the fashion industry, To name a few, J. Lindenberg, Another Magazine, Dazed and Elle. She explores dark and gory, as well as sensual and romantic themes in her work.

Petra Collins


Petra Collins has become one of the biggest names in fashion photography over the last 10 years, shooting with some of the biggest names in Cinema and Fashion –  Alexa Demie, Bella Hadid and Kim Kardashian. Her photos have a feminine, dreamlike feel and largely cater to the female gaze. 



Cass Bird


The final incredible talent we want to celebrate is Cass Bird. Born in 1974, she’s an artist, photographer, and director from New York and has been published in Elle, Nylon, Rolling Stone, GQ, Paper and New York Magazine. She’s also done work with Levi’s, Urban outfitters, Wrangler and Keds.



Written By Lauren Dickson


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