HYPEBEAST: The Hype of The Decade


As the new decade began, hip-hop artists started expanding their style palette. While the 2000s were dominated by Tommy, Gucci and Versace, alternative brands such as YSL, Balenciaga, and Balmain were now the look. Not to mention the introduction of Bathing Ape which brought new vibrant colours to the forefront of hip-hop fashion; from yellow, orange to magenta and cyan. The combination of the new artistic generation and the ever-growing social media platforms created a vortex of unfiltered originality; the onus wasn’t on the high-end fashion shows to provide the youth with inspiration anymore. The biggest example of this unadulterated individuality; was the evolution of contemporary fashion and streetwear brand, HYPEBEAST. They immediately stole the hearts of not only streetwear admirers but high-end fashionistas too.

A$AP Rocky in Bathing Ape and BewhY in HYPEBEAST

The most admirable trait of HYPEBEAST as a collective was the concept of combining new ideas with the feeling of sentimentality within the style. Not only implementing a variation of colours into hip-hop fashion but also bringing back larger sized clothes from the 90s. Baggy cargo trousers, XXX t-shirts and longlined tees established themselves as staples in the wardrobes of the youth, with brands such as North Face and Champion making a comeback. While these particular brands were out of style earlier in the decade, after dominating the streets during the 80s and 90s.

From jorts to snapbacks, to Champion x Bathing Ape ventures, the limits of streetwear holds no bounds. Rather than skinny jeans and cardigans; cropped trouser alongside a north face windbreaker was the wave; while still maintaining a sleek, but individualistic fit. While directness is the way to go in order to pull the HYPEBEAST look off, you must be prepared to stand out if necessary. We couldn’t escape the progression of stripes and dots along with the revival of army-esque ensembles with camouflage and floral.

Photo courtesy of: HYPEBEAST & UNDER ARMOUR

One thing we can take from fashion trends of recent time is that a movement can end as quickly as it can start; there’s always a quicker route to the bottom when it comes to what’s hot or not. Everything from snapbacks, floral vests, longlined clothing, low waisted jeans and flared jeans, high tops, jorts (pretty much any default Coachella fit) its all come and gone, and come right back again. But as long as the youth continue to take inspiration from previous decades, a certain piece of clothing or accessory will never go out of style. Put your own unique foot forward, trust your gut -- because trends were never created by thinking inside the box; they thrive off thinking decades into the future.

Words by Charlie Miller

Graphics by Katie Janes

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