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How to Achieve The Graphic Sunglasses Trend

Dior, Chloe and JINNNN X PERCY LAU

Nineties and noughties fashion is back with a bang. Puddle jeans, bandanas, and even claw hair clips are all over Instagram’s explore page as people are loving the easy and casual throwback street style. In particular, tiny sunglasses have been back for a while. However, brands have been getting experimental with the now known and loved micro glasses. It’s not enough for them to ​just ​be small, now they must be graphic as well. Zany and unapologetically garish shapes are being produced, and we just can’t get enough of them!

Hugely popular by would-be festival-goers are flame glasses and whilst these festivals may have been cancelled this year, it doesn’t look like the glasses have been. Prada has taken this graphic design to a new and luxurious level. Keeping the classic lens and adding a vibrant flame to the rim, this pair of specs perfectly blends old with new to produce some flaming hot glasses.

Shells, hearts, lips and wings are all popular shapes being produced by major fashion houses. Balenciaga’s heart-shaped sunnies feel fresh and youthful whilst Saint Laurent’s cat-eye heart frames create a more flattering shape. They may seem silly at first, but it is exciting to be able to play with such childish, funky and unexpected accessories. Glasses like these are already being replicated by high street retailers like Urban Outfitters.

Saint Laurent, Prada, Gucci and Balenciaga

Gucci have also put their own spin on the heart specs. The ‘Hollywood Forever’ pair in the classic black colour offsets their unorthodox lens, and the gold detailing adds an extra pop of luminosity. Miu Miu is another fashion house that has been combining classic and alternative styles. Their shell-shaped sunnies are reminiscent of the classic Ray-Ban aviator style, but with the added detailing of the shadowed shell rim. This pair of cool blue glasses are perfect for a beach day.

Sunglasses aren’t just protective anymore, they're a statement too. The shape they come in and the colour you choose means these glasses can be matched to specific outfits and completely optimise your style. Some are even being bejewelled. From hanging charms to diamante detailing, these sunglasses are getting really retro. Emma Chamberlain's collaboration with Crap Eyewear late last year explored these more fun and vibrant options. The Jinnnn X Percy Lau ‘Bambi 01’ glasses also use this detailing to create a beautiful and colourful pair of folding specs.

Gucci and Versace

Whilst some brands have been going more pop-couture, others have been delving into geometric lenses. Dolce and Gabbana, Chloe, and Dior have all brought out some really refreshing shapes in fun tints. The scalloped edges of the green Chloe glasses add dimension to the frame, and the gold detailing to the Dolce and Gabbana octagonal frames makes these specs look and feel so luxurious.

Brands like Gucci and Versace have been playing with neon colours and semi-transparent, tinted frames. These monochrome specs play with colour and shape to create a young, fun pair of glasses. Gucci have even detailed a neon pair of their specs with tiny stars to exaggerate the youthful look. These eccentric sunnies are an easy way to get funky with your outfits or to add just a little bit of a 90’s pop to your looks. An outfit is never complete without a few accessories, so why not get outlandish and cop a pair of graphic sunglasses this summer?

Words by Amy Ellis

Graphics by Katie Janes

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