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Get The Look: Spice-olation

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Based on my current state; I can confirm that had I gone into isolation with a boyfriend, I would have come out the other end of isolation ‘single’ again, as swiftly as we went into lockdown. Even I am getting bored of seeing my reflection in the shapeless 95 % cotton 5% elastane ensembles that I manage to find a different variation of every day. Is anyone else just a bit BORED? There I said it. One of the main issues being my extreme lack of motivation being completely house bound seems to be causing me. My current cure: a gin at 5, followed by another, followed by another, followed by another, (and if it’s the weekend) followed by another. To numb the fact that currently, the most exciting thing in my life besides a skype call with my dog and the occasional quiz with the girls is the daily rotation of PJs post 20 minutes of exercise I literally have to force myself to do (joggers if I’m feeling particularly put-together that day!). I don’t think any of us can deny how weird this indoors parallel universe the majority of us are suddenly having to adapt to is. Having entered isolation single, I have (shockingly) remained single throughout and I only have myself to worry about. However, there are those of you who are in the weird predicament where no sooner had you began officially ‘seeing someone’, with the term ‘exclusive’ cropping up once or twice, lockdown commenced. Then there are the fully established but new-ish couples who have chosen to isolate together- neither of you will admit it but this is a trial run should you choose to take the next step and live together.

Finally, there are those of you who have been with your other half since before time began. But the fact that you are now forced to be under each other’s feet all day every day is beginning to remind you why you have separate hobbies. I am unlucky in most aspects of my life, but I feel like (isolation-wise) I am finally one of the lucky ones. The only person I have to worry about being bored of the way I look is myself; and if I really begin to find it an issue, I can simply turn all 3 mirrors in my flat round and problem= solved. Those of you in a slightly more ‘taken’ relationship status than me (which isn’t hard) might be feeling torn between the side of you that just wants to slob about in your two-sizes-too-big grey joggers. And the side of you that wants to keep things spicy for your other half. Whether it’s for your partner, or for yourself, we have carefully picked out three outfits that help you find a perfect balance; comfy enough to lounge about the house in all day but will make you look and more importantly feel sexy. It’s time to spice up your isolation!

Look 1:

Gilda & Pearl, Shein, Ebay, Versace and Butter London

Robe: Gilda & Pearl esmé long robe (£785)

Lingere Set: Shein Frill Trim Sheer Lingerie Set (£7.99)

Earrings: Ebay Large Gold Baby Name Earrings (£5.95)

Perfume: Versace Yellow Diamond (£56)

Nails: Butter LONDON Patent Shine in Lavender (£15)

Look 2:

Weekday, Savage x Fenty, I Saw It First, ASOS and Dior

Bra: WEEKDAY Lexi Soft Bra (£18)

Pants: WEEKDAY Lexi Thong (£10)

Dress: Savage x Fenty Empire Babydoll (£56)

Shoes: I Saw It First Nude Faux Fur Diamond Heel Mule (£80)

Necklace: ASOS DESIGN choker necklace with spoilt pendants in gold tone (£8)

Nails: Dior Diorlisse Abricot in 500 Pink Petal (£22)

Look 3:

Savage x Fenty, Shein, Chanel and Tom Ford

Lingere Set: Savage x Fenty Flocked Logo Unlined Bra Set (£70)

Shorts: Shein Contrast Lace Satin Lingerie Set (£5.49)

Nails: Chanel Le Vernis Longwear Nail Colour (£22)

Perfume: Tom Ford Neroli portofino forte (£315

Words and Edits by Ella Winfield

Cover by Katie Janes

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