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2 weeks ago, by Voir Editorial Team Get Into The Spooky Season And Recreate Our Favourite Halloween Makeup Looks

2 weeks ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Get Into The Spooky Season And Recreate Our Favourite Halloween Makeup Looks

Spooky season is finally here! This year we will be celebrating a Halloween where almost everything is back to normal and we want to get into the spooky spirit asap. We have picked out some of our favourite celeb Halloween makeup looks, that are super-easy to re-create yourself. If you need costume inspiration or just want to experiment with your everyday makeup for October then take a look at these glam costumes!

Kendall Jenner

Kendall’s majestic wood fairy costume looked both stunning and glamorous. Pairing with the golden glow of her outfit, Kendall’s makeup is a classic glam look consisting of a slight smoky eye, a glossy lip, and a fabulous highlighter. When recreating Kendall’s look, avoid harsh lines and blend both the eyeshadow and highlighter naturally into the skin. She also inverted a smokey eyeshadow, focusing on her bottom lash line to create a more sultry eye shape. 

Chanel Iman

Even for an unravelling mummy costume, Chanel looks absolutely stunning. Her makeup effectively uses contour and highlighting to create a snatched face, in addition to her high ponytail. The contrast between her white contacts and a black, smokey eye is so effective to create an eerie eye look, plus she has avoided heavy false lashes which could distract from the stark eye colour. 

Zoe Kravitz

Photo Credit: Zoe Kravitz Instagram

Zoe Kravitz’s vampire look is a perfect last-minute costume (and ideal if you want to stay comfy the whole night). If you truly want an easy makeup look then sunglasses is definitely a good idea. Zoe’s look focuses on a clean skin base, with light concealer and bronzer. Her faded red lip with dripping blood is the main focus, of course, along with her vampire fangs.

Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid’s iconic Catwoman look is a classic Halloween inspiration. Her face mask emphasizes her eyeshadow and lipstick,  which she has made bold and loud. A dark, smokey eye and sleek red lipstick is definitely chic for Halloween and is a go-to idea if you are unsure exactly what makeup your costume’s character would actually wear. 

Megan Fox

Photo Credit: Doane Gregory, Fox Atomic, Everett

Any of Megan Fox’s looks from Jennifer’s Body is a perfect choice for Halloween. The main focus of this costume is her blood-stained dress with the makeup and hair staying simple. Her hair is slicked back, whilst her makeup is an everyday look with clean brows, mascara and a tinted lip. 

Kourtney Kardashian

Kourtney Kardashian’s pink space cowgirl costume is seriously glam. Her peachy pink smokey eye is paired with a glossy, nude lip. This pink, rose-tinted makeup is a gorgeous look that can be recreated for numerous costumes, like fairies or princesses.

Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid’s makeup recreating The Mask may seem daunting, but it is definitely doable at home. Reconsider the tones and areas of contour and highlight of your go-to glam look but attempt this using green, yellow and white face paints. The look is a typical contour, glitter eyeshadow, smokey eyeliner and opaque lip, but using a green palette. 

Devon Lee Carlson

Devon Lee Carlson’s Hannah Montana costume is instantly recognisable. The shimmering gold eyeshadow, pink blush and glossy lip are iconic 2000s makeup. If your costume is coming from a specific era then researching cultural icons from the period is a good starting point for thinking about a makeup look that relates to your costume.

Words by Caitlin Sahin


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