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Fashion Classics: The Ones That Stick With Us, for Better or for Worse

Mistress Rocks, Pretty Little Thing, ASOS and Missguided

As probably many of you, I started off this self-isolation by decluttering my wardrobe. The feeling of creating a clean space and getting rid of the old is something really liberating for both, mind and soul. And a good mindset is essential during those rough times and the perfect base for the upcoming weeks. I usually start by taking everything out of the wardrobe. That way I can get a fresh start - an empty ward-robe like a plain canvas, that is ready to be filled.

But what should I fill it with? Going through the huge amounts of clothes and making the first keep and toss piles, I soon started to realise what really matters. What I want to keep. What, no matter what situation is to be faced, always makes a good companion: the wardrobe staples. The classic pieces that truly stick around.

Since we, at VOIR, do not only want you to be well aware of the latest trends in the wonderful worlds of fashion, beauty, and arts, but we are constantly daring to be different. We want to give you something unique and a bit more than your usual fashion magazine. So let us start off with a little back story on the ‘Classic Wardrobe Basics’. They are timeless and chic, characterised by perfect cuts, good materials and neutral tones. There are a few that can be considered as classics, but if I had to choose only eight pieces to wear for the rest of my life, it would be the following... Little spoiler before we get started: we are not re-inventing the wheel and you have probably all heard of those items before, but we just want to give you some ‘food of thought’, before you start with decluttering or your next ‘online shopping trip’.

The Little Black Dress.

In the mid-20s no other than Gabrielle Chanel launched a long-sleeved crepe dress and made the colour black, which has been mainly used by poverty at that time, popular amongst all social classes. It is simple and sober, yet elegant and cool and can be worn day or night, sporty or chic. It comes in all shapes, lengths, styles and materials and is therefore perfect for every kind of body type.

The White T-Shirt.

The white tee has been worn by workers, however, it became popular after Marlon Brando and James Dean wore it in civil context on the big screen. Soon after, the garment was used as a plain canvas, to promote ideas, slogans, brands or political movements. It is so easy yet so diverse and truly the joker piece underneath them all. Just think of it: casual with jeans on a daily basis, work-appropriate with a blazer or cool by adding a leather jacket.

The Blue Jeans.

It is thanks to Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss that the denim classic, which has initially been introduced for factory workers, exists. Starting from the 70s, the classic denim became the uniform of youth, a symbol of casual wear and latest after designers, such as Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren, introduced them in their collections, jeans found their way to our wardrobes and hearts.

The Trench Coat

First invented as a raincoat for soldiers during WW1 by the fashion house that is most known for it, Burberry, the trench shortly afterwards found popularity anywhere. It is a statement piece and safe to say, that it definitely makes a look. Just throw over a trench and instantly look put together.

The Leather Jacket

Irving Schott launched the first leather jacket, also called ‘perfecto’, in the late 20s. Legend says that the name origins from a good Cuban cigar, the perfecto. Throughout the years the classic version got some alterations. The biker jacket was introduced and soon after became a symbol of rebels. The leather jacket is THE item that makes every outfit look cool: a floral summer dress immediately gets some spice and combined with the little black dress and some red lipstick and you are ready for a night out.

The Blazer

This garment has several stories mentioning its first appearance, however, it is for sure that the origin lies in the mid-19th-century British boating culture. The blazer comes in many different colours and styles but it definitely is THE item that makes everything look chic. Take a pair of denim jeans and a white tee, put on a pair of pumps, throw over a blazer and you can go straight off to that meeting at work.

The Black High Heels

Although heeled shoes were first worn by horseback-riders and man to impart status, high heels, as we know them today, became fashionable during the 50s, especially because of Christian Dior and his collaboration with Roger Vivier. Today a women’s wardrobe can no longer do without the classic black high heels. Not do they fit with everything – from jeans to dresses, but they immediately make endless legs and a straight posture.

The Black Leather Handbag

In the 20s Gabrielle Chanel invented the Classic Flap, a handbag with straps that made a women’s life easier. A few decades later she decided to spice up this classic accessory and introduced the 2.55, named after its date of creation, February 1955. Although the classic Chanel is probably every girls’ dream and a symbol of status, a basic black leather handbag does its job as well and is a must-have item as it fits with basically everything.

Those wardrobe staples have been around for years and they will continue to do so, therefore it surely makes sense to invest in them, but gladly there are some affordable options. We love to check Arket, &other stories, TheOutnet, Uniqlo and Topshop when looking for some good quality pieces that do not break the bank.

Words by Lisa Marie Dania

Choices by Ella Winfield

Graphics by Katie Janes

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