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2 years ago, by Voir Editorial Team Entering Into Leo Season: See What’s In-Store For Your Zodiac Sign This Month

2 years ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Entering Into Leo Season: See What’s In-Store For Your Zodiac Sign This Month

It’s the beginning of a new month, let’s see what this month brings for our signs with horoscopes by the amazing Joanna Hope.

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♈️ Aries

Bring out your adventurous side Aries, you can let your hair down finally and be at one with the universe. Let love be your guide this month as the summer sun can put you in a romantic mood and you just might find the right partnership with your enthusiastic approach. No need for big changes as your work will run smoothly and gives you the peace of mind you seek. August is a dreamers paradise for you, meaningful encounters designed by destiny show you there is always a little magic in the air, so let the good times roll. 

Lucky Colour   Red

Lucky Crystal  Carnelian 

♉️ Taurus 

August will bring out your wild child Taurus, and cause you to break through any boundaries so you can be the life and soul of the party. Fun can sometimes be very therapeutic as it melts all the stress away, and so make sure you have plenty of it this month. Being a Taurus, you are very sensitive and need loyalty from others only a queen commands, there is no room in your world for anything else, so make no apologies for expecting the best from your friends, loved ones and colleagues alike. Love will turn you upside down and all around as you try to make sense of events that are unfolding, just go with the flow, fate knows what it is doing when it comes to creating a happy future for you in your love life. 
Lucky Colour   Green

Lucky Crystal  Agate

♊️ Gemini 

Bring the sunshine with you wherever you may go this month Gemini, August proves to be very profitable and you are on top form. Love is also lucky for you, as you can find what you are looking for in a partner, and can celebrate each other, knowing this is the start of a whole new chapter in your life. Let the spiritual vibes take over and see that your soul wants to experience life with so much more meaningful, exciting, experiences, and you are well placed to have them all now.

Lucky Colour   Blue
Lucky Crystal  Sapphire 

♋️ Cancer

August will blow your socks off as it opens doors for you to successfully accomplish your goals, and get the recognition you so rightly deserve. All work and no play has been the order of the day but no more, you begin to emerge beautifully into the hearts and minds of influential people, bringing important connections that will see you flourish and go from strength to strength. Love will be more relaxed and you can take your time in discovering what you really want out of a partnership, soulmates are hard to find but you will find yours by following your heart and not giving up on love. 

Lucky Colour   Yellow
Lucky Crystal  Citrine

♌️ Leo

The boldness of your personality and the vastness of your big heart will get you everywhere in August. You are the cat that has got the cream Leo, this is your birthday month and you certainly are the king or queen of the zodiac and so a royal celebration is on the agenda. Believe and receive should be your motto now, you can truly begin to climb the mountain of success and reach the top with certainty. Love will shower you with blessings and you can bask in the sunshine of someone’s love putting a great big smile on your face. 

Lucky Colour   Gold

Lucky Crystal  Fools Gold

♍️ Virgo 

Business will be on your mind but it’s time to have a break and let your hair down for a change. Your work matters are busy but you can find the time to spoil you, or let someone else do it, but all in all, you deserve some happiness. Love will be knocking on your door, so it is better to let it in and find you can navigate emotional waters with ease, and you will certainly benefit from all the love you receive. Most of all enjoy this month to the full, and make the most of your down time. 

Lucky Colour   Black
Lucky Crystal  Obsidian

♎️ Libra

Looking for love and being open to dating is favourable this month. The lovely Libra should be in the centre of activity, and where love is, that is where you should be. You have a big heart and everything will benefit from all the love you have to give. More focus on self love and grooming, even following the latest fashion will open up doors in your life, you will attract attention from all the right people, so just go for it, as August will deliver exceptional opportunities for you, when you are feeling good, and looking your best. 

Lucky Colour   Silver
Lucky Crystal  Selenite

♏️ Scorpio 

Be love beautiful Scorpio, you can share all that you are with the world now as you have so much to give. Lucky is your name now so take some chances that improve your lot. Be brave. This month heralds lucky coincidences that surprise you and can even benefit your finances. If you were thinking of having a change of surroundings then now is the time to do it as a change they say, is as good as a rest. Most of all August will be memorable and exciting for the intense, lovable, Scorpio. 

Lucky Colour   Rainbow
Lucky Crystal   Opal

♐️ Sagittarius 

Being a fire sign, the fire in your Sagittarius heart will propel you forward his month and give you the energy and courage to go for what you want. You are the traveller of the zodiac so use your natural sense of adventure to take you to a distant land. Leo season also represents a fire sign and these signs are bold and brave and can cross boundaries others would never contemplate. The new and untried are favourable and you can expect to meet others that dare to dream to see your vision and assist you in creating it. Love is naturally going to happen around you as you can attract the one you desire, so be confident. 

Lucky Colour   White
Lucky Crystal   Quartz 

♑️ Capricorn 

Grounding yourself is not an option in August Capricorn, it is time to spread your wings and fly. Get out and about and be seen, it’s your time to shine and you can do it in style. Your spiritual side is asking you to let in the light of love and understanding and more and more the focus should be on you and the goals you want to come to fruition. Be at one with creative universal energy and benefit from it’s amazing power of bringing into reality your hopes, wishes and dreams. You are the love this month so share it wisely and give help to those that need help but also be kind to yourself as much as possible.

Lucky Colour   Orange
Lucky Crystal   Amber

♒️ Aquarius

Artists will benefit from some spectacular energy this month, Aquarius is deep and feels the humanitarian cause more than others, but can channel that energy into something real and tangible. Create and make wonderful things from the inspiration you receive and see others light up with what you show them. Hair, makeup, fashion, the home, whatever you need to update, just do it as you will find favourable circumstances that foster a whole new look. Love will spoil you with everything you need to feel special, and wanted. 

Lucky Colour   Brown 
Lucky Crystal  Tigers eye

♓️ Pisces 

August is a great month for you to get happy and be in the moment. Don’t worry about tomorrow or yesterday, you can reach for the stars today. Sentimental and kind hearted, as the last star sign, Pisces stand for all the zodiac signs in being the most compassionate and expressive. Be love, show love and you will receive it tenfold back, others will not hesitate to come to you in their hour of need and this shows you the wisdom you possess in bucket loads, so do not doubt yourself. You matter, and everything you do matters, so it is time to appreciate the very lovely you. 

Lucky Colour Purple 

Lucky Crystal   Amethyst

Horoscopes by Joanna Hope

Header images: @nailsbymei


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