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1 year ago, by Voir Editorial Team Couple Goals: Rosalía and Rauw Drop Three New Songs With RR EP!

1 year ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Couple Goals: Rosalía and Rauw Drop Three New Songs With RR EP!

Are those wedding bells? The ultimate power couple Rosalía and Rauw drop three new tracks on their latest RR EP as well as the news of their engagement! Their EP as well as a music video for one of the three tracks ‘BESO’ (confirming Rosalía had received a ring from her partner) was released on the 24th March.

Taking us behind the scenes of their travels through France, Spain, Japan, Puerto Rico, Britain, the Dominican Republic, and America, the PDA-packed video shows the lovey dovey private life of the singers. Warning to all those unlucky in love: all the shaky shots of the happy couple in hotel rooms, smiling on beach trips, strolling through city night-life, and kissing during concerts may make you cry “when is it my turn?!”. The music video for ‘BESO’ currently has over 14M views and is trending at number ten on YouTube.

RR is much sweeter than Rosalía’s last release in January ‘LLYLM’ (Lie Like You Love Me), which detailed a toxic love affair. Throughout the songs on the EP, the duo celebrate their relationship and present themselves as a united front with romantic lyrics about being destined to be together and an inseparable love that survives across distance.

The first track ‘BESO’ is an immediate classic with its thumping regaetón beat. Detailing both the pain of separation when the singers tour and the euphoria of being reunited, it’s a passionate song in which their love triumphs above all else. Rosalía and Rauw’s vocals slide together as they sing together, “Lo mejor que tengo/Es el amor que me das/Huele a tabaco y melon/Y a domingo en la ciudad” (“The best thing I’ve got/Is the love you give to me/It smells of tobacco and melon/And a Sunday in the city”). On ‘VAMPIROS’ the couple hit the streets for a nighttime prowl and brag about their immortality and “sharp metal fangs”. As the track’s title suggests, ‘VAMPIROS’ has a darker sultrier sound with a killer rap from Rosalía. The softest of the three tracks is ‘PROMESA’ with the couple taking it in turns to utter sweet nothings to each other over a slow treacly beat.

“For us it’s always love first and everything else later, but we skipped that this time so we could finish RR and share it with the world,” Rosalía revealed in a press release. “After more than three years these three songs are here and each one of them belongs to a different stage of love”.

“We always knew we wanted to do music together,” Alejandro added. “However, with our relationship being the focus, we had to find the right time. A long time has passed by now and finding a way to fit all my feelings for her in three songs has been nearly impossible. This means I will be spending my days writing and writing many more songs about and with her. We’re thrilled with this project. RR forever!”

“I will be spending my days writing and writing many more songs about and with her.” – Rauw Alejandro

Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro confirmed their relationship back in September 2021 but the two have been an item since late 2019. Rosalía helped produce and write some of Rauw’s first album Afrodisíaco (2020) and since then have worked together on Rosalía’s Motomami single ‘Chicken Teriyaki’.

Now branded the “King of Modern Reggaeton”, Puerto Rican singer-songwriter Rauw Alejandro started with the dream of being a footballer. He began publishing songs on Soundcloud in 2014 to lighten his mood after being forced to quit because of an injury and by 2017 he had signed a music deal with Duars Entertainment. His first single as a lead artist, ‘Toda’ peaked at the 29th spot on the Billboard Hot Latin Songs charts in November 2018 with the remix receiving over 1 billion views on YouTube. He has now won two Latin Grammy Awards, received twelve nominations, is headlining a world tour in support of his third studio album Saturno (2022) that debuted at number 25 on the US Billboard 200, and is one half of the cutest celebrity romance around.

Rosalía making her way through a huge festival circuit this year performing at Festival Ceremonia in Mexico, Coachella in California, Primavera in Spain and Madrid, Rock Werchter in Belgium, and Lollapalooza in France to name a few. On the 26th March, the Spanish star played Autódromo de Interlagos in São Paulo, Brazil to hundreds of thousands of fans.

Words by: Molly Sutherland

Header Image: Rosalia x Rauw Alejandro


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