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1 month ago, by Voir Editorial Team IT’S BICHOTA SEAS❤️N: Karol G’s Europe Summer Tour Has Activated Our Boss B**** Status.

1 month ago, by Voir Editorial Team

IT’S BICHOTA SEAS❤️N: Karol G’s Europe Summer Tour Has Activated Our Boss B**** Status.

Last night confirmed that BICHOTA SEASON has officially entered the UK’s group chat.

Karol G set out an electrifying night to remember as she performed her final show, in London’s sold-out O2 Arena, of the much-anticipated MAÑANA SERÁ BONITO Europe Summer tour. Energies were high much before the Medellin, Colombian singer took to stage, with a pink ocean of cowboy hats dancing and perreo-ing to Karol G’s supporting act, Agudelo 888. Hyping up the crowd, playing non-stop reggaeton bangers in a flawless mix, the Colombian DJ set up a spirited crowd for the arrival of La Serenita, Karol G.

We were met with a narration of Carolina the mermaid who, after much pain and hurt in the ocean, soars through the skies when suddenly her heart, along with the world, became cold and frozen. The continuous narration throughout the show symbolised the heart break Karol experienced and the strength she found to eventually realise that,

Tomorrow will be


Mañana Será Bonito, Karol G

Credit: Instagram Karol G Tour, Mañana Será Bonito Tour, London o2

As Voir dances front row and connects with Sophie Castillo, the British and Latin singer who opened for J Balvin at the 02 Arena this year, Karol G enters the stage with her fiery dancers in matching outfits. Words cannot describe the lively and high-powered energy that emitted from the crowd as Karol began the setlist with ‘TQG’ in a head-to-toe blue and crystal diamante body suit with giant white furry boots and a detachable blue mini skirt that was ripped off to sing ‘Mi Cama. Her outfits changed with each section of the album, with looks including a black, cropped, racer top, graffitied with ‘BICHOTA’ and, a baby pink, pleated, mini skirt with feather accessories.

But the look that stole the show was her penultimate look; Karol was a shining star as she sang ‘Ocean’ in a gold rhinestone, floor-length evening gown and a matching flower hair piece that sat on her bright pink hair.

Credit: Instagram Con Cora Foundation

Singing tunes featuring Latin artists such as Maluma, Shakira and Romeo Santos with her all-female band set a post for aspiring and developing female artists. Karol G and her team took a moment to speak about her foundation Con Cora, an organisation with the aim to empower and support other females, develop their artistic talents and increase their confidence. Con Cora’s four pillars are Sorority, Female Loyalty, Empathy and Freedom, a cause so close to Karol’s heart that she has its logo – a barbed heart – tattooed on her arm.

Karol G’s stage presence was unmatched last night, as she interacted continuously with her lively and passionate crowd. Talking to the standing crowd, she notices a fan from the night before who held a ‘KAROL G <3 BICHOTA’ sign, as well as a fan who had a framed picture of Karol G and herself in a previous concert.

Credit: Instagram Karol G Tour, Mañana Será Bonito Tour, London o2

To show her appreciation and love of the Latinx community in the UK, she ended the performance holding the UK flag whilst she previewed her newest single ‘Si Antes Te Hubiera Conocido’, which will be released tonight at 5pm.

Credits: Karol G Instagram of London Tour. Preview of new single ‘Si Antes Te Hubiera Conocido’

Karol G left us feeling strong, empowered and energised for the next chapter of our lives; proving to us that nothing can stop you from being your best self.

Let’s Go Bichotas!

Words by Veronica Wong Diffa

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