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4 Fashion Designers That Have Shaped Womenswear Today

Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Mary Quant and Givenchy.

Can you imagine a world without the mini skirt? How would we show our tans in the summer? A world without the little black dress? How would anyone know we are going out What about a world without the classic pants suit? How would people know that we mean business? These are but some of the garments that shape women’s wear today. Let’s take a look back at the fashion designers who created and the impact of their creations.

Coco Chanel- The Tweed Suit


Coco Chanel founder of the largest fashion brand in the world Chanel put the brand on the map with the tweed skirt suit. The tweed suit characterised by its material and also the structure of the garment. At the time the garment was designed most of the female clothes were mainly designed by men and the trend was form-fitting skirts corseted dresses and high waist skirts and dresses. So, when Coco Chanel designed a loose tweed suit that was only fitted on the lower waist and shoulders, she gained popularity for designing comfortable yet fashionable clothing. Today the design and fabric remain a staple for the brand and if you don’t recognize it, think of the Chanel jacket.

Yves Saint Laurent -The Female Pants Suit

Yves Saint Laurent.

It was the year 1967 when Yves Saint Laurent (the designer) adapted the traditionally masculine suit for the female body. The sleeves were fitted the waist belted and the pant leg wide. The pants suit accompanied by a necktie and a hat revolutionised women’s wear. The suit a uniform for the working woman and from that moment the designer became the tailor of the confident sexy and empowered woman. Today pantsuit has lived on taking up many forms all born from that original design.

Mary Quant -The Miniskirt

Mary Quant, Zimmermann and Courrèges.

The sixties gave us the beetles, the first man on the moon and the miniskirt although little is known on who was the first to design the miniskirt Mary Quant is credited with advocating for the garment. The miniskirt came at an opportune time of female liberation by the birth control pill and the garment became the perfect symbol.

Givenchy-The Little Black dress

Givenchy, Versace, Brandon Maxwell and Alexander Vauthier

Trends may come and go but the little black dress is here to stay. The staple piece for any and every evening out. Designed by Coco Chanel popularised by Givenchy the little black dress was made to Transcend trends, invest now and wear forever. That’s why you can never go wrong with a little black dress .

These designers have shaped womenswear today by setting themselves apart with transformable designs. They have proved that to be irreplaceable one must be different.

Words by Precious Njoki

Graphics by Séverine Denis-Lessard

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