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3 years ago, by Voir Editorial Team Instaception: The Beauty Trend That’s Sweeping Instagram

3 years ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Instaception: The Beauty Trend That’s Sweeping Instagram

We’ve seen beauty trend after beauty trend grace our social media feeds: eyelashes in nostrils, squiggly eyebrows, bubble nails (think sticking M&M’s to your fingers type of look)…but these trends only seem to attempt to push the boundaries of sanity in the beauty world. We’re not going out with 100 layers of foundation on, so while it’s fun to experiment, there’s been few trends that have actually been exciting in a non-humorous way. However, a new trend has risen, and it’s putting make up in a light of appreciation and admiration, steering away from creating hype that ridicules the beauty community.


Named ‘Instaception’, the trend consists of making a section of your face appear like an Instagram post. Crazy right? This means painting on Instagram borders and including all the fine details of the buttons and the username.


Of all the modern day makeup trends we have to say this does look pretty cool. Talented makeup artists all over Instagram are jumping on this new movement, showcasing how much effort actually goes into doing a look.


Leaving the rest of their face bare the artists show how different their appearance is with and without even an just eye look. Instaception is somewhat reminiscent of the power of makeup challenge, where you’d only paint half your face to show what makeup can do. This new trend however, is an Instagram post.. inside an Instagram post! Which is kind of trippy, but we love it.


Instagrammer @dom.skii created the trend and captioned the post ‘picture perfect’, quite fitting considering we’ve been led to believe makeup on Instagram is edited to the max through Photoshop and Facetune, but this has brought us back to reality (kind of) and it’s getting across how much of an art form makeup really is. Will we be wearing this trend out? Not quite sure, but we’ll be scrolling through Instagram with a fresh reminder of how much creativity goes into makeup, and a lighter hearted approach.

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