Get Mossed: Kate-International Style Icon.

At 43, Voir’s Spring 2016 cover girl Kate Moss is still going strong. She is the epitome of a British style icon and even today, is an inspiration to fashion-lovers worldwide. In the past year she has made a cameo appearance in the much-anticipated Absolutely Fabulous (AB FAB) Movie with a star-studded cast and continues to hit newspaper headlines and grace magazine covers across the world.

After her recent Birthday, Voir is revisiting our cover story ‘Get Mossed’ written by Hannah Oulton for Issue 15. Take inspiration, or simply drool over.

Search for Kate Moss on the internet and a refreshing page of results returns. Masses of imagery (imagery of her work, not her mishaps), innumerable articles on her iconic campaigns, how-to guides on her latest style hacks and cover girl stories that only skim the surface of her notoriously private life. Want something that really gets under her skin? You’ll have a tough job. Even in the most candid of interviews and photo shoots, Kate Moss remains one of the greatest wonders of the world.

Discovered at 14 in JFK airport by Sarah Doukas, Kate Moss had a look of stark contrast to the models of the moment – Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, Claudia Schiffer...leggy and curvaceous. Shorter than the supers of the 90s with killer cheekbones and a smattering of freckles, the young beauty was labelled the ‘waif’ and the rest is, quite frankly, history. She was an instant hit with every designer and photographer she ever worked with; Galliano, Testino... you know no biggie.

Her signature shoot with Corrine Day was stunningly raw, emanating beauty in a guileless way. Kate Moss was a little girl from Croydon with a big-time attitude paving her way through the industry like it was a piece of calorie-free cake. Over 300 magazine covers later, ties with almost every revered fashion house in the world and her grunge-chic style as her trademark; Kate Moss was embroiled in fashion forever.

Kate is described as simply irresistible. The term ‘Get Mossed’ is her signature move: go out with Kate, stay out with Kate. She won’t let you go home until she’s ready to hang up her dancing shoes. BFFs with Naomi and Christy (Campbell and Turlington, first name terms here ahem) who took her under their wing when she was in the height of her 90s reign, Mossy caused quite a stir in the modelling world. Did we mention she also dated the death-defyingly handsome Johnny Depp? Like Daisy from The Great Gatsby, she is all fun with more heart. And now I need to be her best friend.

Her latest campaign for French fashion house, Equipment, is simply divine. The wondrous pairing of Miss Moss with Daria Werbowy (sa-woooon) is playfully fun-loving yet beautifully intimate. The clothes are undeniably wearable (beach, lunch, cocktails we’re not picky) and the artistry and creativity is down to the models themselves. Letting go of the reigns, Equipment trusted the experience and talent of Moss and Werbowy to make this their most successful campaign yet. Do you know many people who would refuse Kate, Daria, a deserted island and Equipment finery?

Mossy has an exhibition in the Victoria and Albert Museum, a book dedicated to her work with Mario Testino and 20 years of uninterrupted success...was there ever a time when she wasn’t the best at what she does? We can’t seem to fathom it! That Kate Moss contagious smile and raucous sense of humour makes her human, her relentless work ethic makes her superwoman and her innate role of matriarch makes her a heroine. Short skirts and big attitude makes this model one of a kind and one we are proud to call our own.

Kate Moss is the proverbial English rose with just a few thorns to break the stereotypical mould; an institution in her own right. She practically epitomises the 90s; with the exception of a shell suit and Oasis...but then again, she was best friends with Noel Gallagher so she had that one covered.

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