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1 year ago, by Voir Editorial Team Why Water-Activated Liners Are The Next Big Thing

1 year ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Why Water-Activated Liners Are The Next Big Thing

Water-activated liners have been around for a while but it seems too many people have gotten comfortable with their liquid liners and don’t really wanna dip their toes into any other pool. These liners are sold as solid products – closely resembling eyeshadows. If your try to apply them while they’re dry, you probably won’t get much pigment, but spray on a few drops of water and you’ll have the most pigmented eyeliner you’ve ever seen. Just watch Glisten Cosmetics’ demonstration on TikTok:


Our TikTok Shop FLASH SALE is still on btw! Now you know how to use our Wet Liners what are you waiting for?! 👀 ✨ends 31st March @ 11:59pm BST✨ *Using loch ness wet liner & flat brush 4 here* #makeup #graphicliner #eyelinertrick #makeup #eyeliner #liner #greenliner #greenmakeup #wetliner #wateractivatedeyeliner #cakeliner #mua #creativemakeup #colourfulmakeup #eyeliner101 #rainbowmakeup #shopsmall #indiebrand #tiktokshop #makeupart

♬ original sound – ❤️‍🔥The NOSTALGIA is Real🔥

These products allow you to get way more imaginative with your makeup due to the multitude of colours and finishes they come in. You also get way more product out of them as the majority of what you’re applying is simply water. Although you do need to buy separate brushes to use them, they give you more than your money’s worth in every other way.

Some of the best water-activated liners include, the Relove by Revolution split liner pots. These come in four different colour combos which perfectly complement each other. These highly-pigmented liners are only £5 each, and for the quality you get, we’d say that’s more than worth it.

Image Credit: Superdrug

juliettax3 swatched the shade Distinction in a TikTok. The solid white and black colour glided effortlessly onto her hand – the perfect shades for a more sophisticated look.

@jiraiyasleftball created a look out of the two shades in the Agile pot, resulting in a sweet pink look.


galantines look today with @ReLove.by.Revolution water liner!! this look was so cute i loved it #galentines #relovebyrevolution

♬ Cloud 9 – Beach Bunny – Esteve

Another range of fan-favourite water-activated liners is the Glisten Cosmetics Split Liner Collection. These ultraviolet colours make for some inspired neon looks using the carefully selected shade range (our personal fave is Peach Melba!).

Now you’ve seen the watch test of these Glisten Cosmetics formulas, but let’s take a look at some looks created with these gorgeous products. @alexajdmakeup randomly chose some Glisten Cosmetics water-activated liners out of her huge collection and created this stunning graphic liner look.


An OLDIE – liners are @Glisten Cosmetics ! (Brush 7) code ALEXA20 for 20% off 😏 #makeuptutorial #graphicliner

♬ Me and Your Mama – Childish Gambino

Makeup Revolution has some of their own water-activated liners (separate from their Relove range) and they swatched some of the shades in a video posted to TikTok:


That’s the #graphiceyeliner trend UNLOCKED for you 🤩✨ NEW Neon Heat Water Liners 🌈 #makeuprevolution #neonmakeup #tiktokmademebuyit #foryourpride


These Neon Heat Water Lines boast an array of beautiful, pigmented colours that’ll allow you to create whoever looks you desire. On top of that, they also have some graphic liner palettes, so if you’re unsure which colours go well together, these palettes do all the work for you.


NEW🚨 Revolution Graphic Liner Palettes⚡️😱 4 Pigment packed Palettes!!💥 #graphicliner #eyelinerhacks #eyeliner #eyelinertutorial


@onigirinanaaa created a spooky Halloween look out of their graphic liner palette, Bright Babe. The gorgeous blood-red shade made for a striking, yet haunting result.


LET SPOOKY SEASON BEGIN 👻 RED GRAPHIC LINER CHECK EHEHEHE ❤️‍🩹 ib: bocetos_cherry on ig #makeup #makeuptutorial #graphicliner #halloween #spooky #beauty #LikeAMonarch #greenscreen

♬ MISA MISA! – CORPSE & Scarlxrd & Kordhell

Beauty Bay hopped onto this trend and released their very own water-activated eyeliner palette – the Aquavated Liner Palette in Brights for only £13. These stunning neon shades give you everything you need for a glammed-up look on a night out. Beauty Bay posted a TikTok of @Klaudia showing off her brilliant graphic liner skills using the palette. These electrifying looks had us rushing to get this liner palette.


@Klaudia serving some BOMB liner with our Aquavated Liners❤️⚡️ #graphicliner #linertutorial #makeup

♬ AIN’T GONNA STOP – Carol Kay

Melissa Jade went for an ombre look with the palette. The colour blended beautifully into one another, making for a vibrant look.

Words by Ayushi Nathwani

Header Image by Fenty


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