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2 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team The Best Instagram Looks We’ve Spotted Lately

Photo credit: @bibiabdulkadir, @Fendi and @yvanfabing
2 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team

The Best Instagram Looks We’ve Spotted Lately

Photo credit: @bibiabdulkadir, @Fendi and @yvanfabing

This January, fashion on Instagram is all about combining luxury with practicality. This month we saw teasers of the long-awaited Gucci x North Face Collaboration – we’re talking monogram prints, puffer jackets and dreamy earth-toned hues, three major trends which keep popping up on our feeds. Here’s a round-up of some of our favourite celebrity/ model looks we’ve spotted on Instagram lately.

(North Face & Gucci Collab Available to buy Jan 22nd on the Gucci website!)

Leather, rich chocolate tones, gold accessories and playful oversized shapes are all the rage amongst the Insta community right now and we’ve picked a few of our favourite looks to give you a boost of winter fashion inspiration.

  1. Leather and Chocolate Brown

Straying from her usual choice of body-hugging garments, Kim has combined three key trends here: leather, chocolate brown and monotonal dressing – and we’re all for it. Not only do we have a variety of tones and textures of brown in this look, but the accessory choices of a monogrammed Louis Vuitton bag, headband and gold earrings give a subtle nod to 1990s and early 2000s styling, without the horrendous low rise jeans.

2. Playful Accessories

Another chocolate brown puffer – expect to see these A LOT this season – but this time it’s teamed with some seriously playful accessories. Oversized sunglasses are back, and what better way to wear them than with a matching gold Prada headband? We only wish we could look this chic in the snow…

3. Earth Tones

Earth tones are big this January, but they don’t have to be muted. Saweetie shows us exactly how to dazzle in this stunning forest-green Gucci monogrammed co-ord. Check out that jacket with a zipped high collar combined with those regal oversized sleeves – talk about pushing the boundaries of style. And what better way than to finish the look but with gold jewellery and coordinating pink hair?

Saweetie’s 5 custom made Gucci set was designed by Dapper Dan @dapperdanharlem

4. Futuristic

This look is nothing short of futuristic – we love the juxtaposition here of muted base pieces with the oversized drama of the black puffer and furry snow boots. A diamond-shaped bag, enormous chain necklace and striking red sunglasses complete this avant-garde look which demonstrates perfectly that experimentation with fashion doesn’t always have to be about colour.

5. Femininity

Opulence, jewel-tones and the beauty of the female body all spring to mind with this jaw-dropping corset outfit. With a huge nod to the silhouettes of Vivienne Westwood we love the nod to sports luxe with the addition of the muted leggings.

6. Playful Tailoring

Never one to shy away from bold silhouettes, Lissy Roddy shows us how to do playful tailoring here by layering a turtle-neck, blazer and gold jewellery, then cinching in the whole look with an oversized chain belt. Strong shoulder pads and monogrammed sunglasses give this look an androgynous 80’s twist.

7. Colour Clashing

Always one to push the limits of colour clashing, @sitabellan gives us oversized sunglasses, a monogrammed bag, print trousers and a sports-luxe rashguard – all at the same time. The use of primary colours; the red, green and oh let’s not forget, blue wig, make the outfit strangely cohesive, and we’re loving the vintage shape of those sunglasses.

@uglyworldwide is another iconic influencer who encourages having a pop of colour in everything she wears, from her makeup to her clothes. Jazzelle brings such a presence to the streets with her grunge and eccentric style, she is not one to miss! She has styled the personalised sheer Aunecollection top with neon fishnet tights that pop out from under the jeans. Jazelle finishes the look off with a rather daring check jacket. We can’t forget that hats are a staple piece this season as well. They bring the whole look together and we are here for it!

8. Delicate

Demonstrating how bold fashion can also be delicate, Aune Collections plays with sheer fabric, print and asymmetric shape here to create this beautiful design. Halter necklines and spaghetti strap heels give this look a nineties supermodel edge, but it’s the printed gloves which take this outfit to the next level.

9. Texture

Jessica Wang embodies cool girl winter chic perfectly with this incredible partnership of knitwear, leather-look wide-leg trousers, chunky trainers, a signature bucket hat and oh let’s not forget, THAT Chanel bag. Again we can see a playful use of textures and shapes to create drama with a fairly demure colour palette and we love the pairing of the matching knitwear and shiny sleek trousers. Using a perfect example of framing by quietly matching the tone of her shoes and hat, Jessica has cleverly put all the attention on that dramatic combination of super modern leather and the effortlessly classic Chanel.

10. Vintage

Bibi Abdulkadir’s style never disappoints as she showcases a Fendi chocolate brown puffer with sexy fishnet stockings. Fendi doesn’t just stop with a vintage styled puffer though, if winter is making you feel chilly, make sure to add an eye-catching print to this month’s wardrobe.

Although we are staying at home at the minute, Instagram street style this January has given us the inspiration to have a play around with our clothes and to not be afraid to try something new. It’s time to rifle through for our puffer jackets, gold jewellery and oversized sunglasses, oh… and anything brown…

Words by Becca Seib, Graphics and Edits by Millie Pollok


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