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5 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team We’re Keeping Our Eyes On These Latest April Launches

5 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team

We’re Keeping Our Eyes On These Latest April Launches

There’s nothing quite like a great fashion campaign and with the Spring season well underway, brands are coming out with exciting new campaigns to get us excited for the warmer weather and the clothes and products we’ll be wearing along with it. From futuristic games of table tennis set in space, to a dreamlike pastel paradise and to more down to earth, intimate campaigns that let the products sell themselves, there’s something of interest for everyone in this collection of campaigns that we think are super cool and worth talking about!


Skims is a brand of underwear, loungewear and shapewear created by the well-known Kim Kardashian who aims to include and accept all different body types, proving to have products for any size, and with a color scale that can embrace all different types of complexions. The latest collection features the iconic models Candice Swanepoel, Tyra Banks, Heidi Klum and Alessandria Ambrosio who, for the first time, have come together for an advertising campaign to wear Skims’ best sellers from the collection, Fits Everybody. Who better than our supermodel icons to wear the most iconic pieces of this collection, ranging from simple panties to leotards. The collection also includes bras; simple designs but always desired. The intimate campaign was captured by Greg Swales who, thanks to his creative eye, has managed to capture legendary photos.

Prada Linea Rossa

The new Prada Linea Rossa collection goes back to the brand’s roots with a healthy dose of 1990s minimalism. Sleek, simplistic and monochromatic, the collection features a futuristic array of shorts, tops, swimsuits, leggings, jackets and sneakers in black, silver and white with slick flashes of red sporting the Prada logo. The campaign video also embraces the future with a video that echoes the style of the video for Michael and Janet Jackson’s 90s hit Scream. Set in a pristine white space the video features a futuristic game of table tennis overlooked by a round, floating robot with a piercing red eye. The eye-catching video was directed by Albert Moya with creative direction by General Idea.


The new collection from the French brand AMI focuses on showcasing their brand-new Accordion bag. The bag comes in two sizes, large and small, and a trio of colours, with black, burgundy and evergreen available to choose from. The bags are all incredibly sleek and elegant and will no doubt add a wonderful touch of sophistication to any accompanying outfit. Also sleek and sophisticated is the brand’s campaign for the bag starring none other than Normani. The campaign, photographed by Ethan James Green, captures the star in a vintage black and white filter as she is dressed in a sleek black blazer, tights, boots and beret with a backdrop of the streets of Los Angeles. The campaign has an undeniably classy vibe and feels utterly timeless.


GHD Hair’s new collection of hair styling tools come in a cute array of pastel blues, pinks and purples spreading across curlers, hairdryers and straighteners. The campaign for the products is super simplistic in a bid to let the products themselves do the talking, but it works. Set amongst a backdrop of a dreamy pink and blue, the campaign showcases the products in all their glory floating on multicoloured clouds and being used by TikTokers including Gabrielle Morrison, Jessie Mae Alonzo Abby Roberts and Marta Losito in pastel paradises whilst they are also wearing, you guessed it, pastel outfits. The colour scheme works well for the campaign and evokes a cute and playful vibe which doesn’t take itself too seriously but still does a great job at showcasing the dreamlike collection.

Charlotte Tilbury

Pillow Talk Party, the latest Charlotte Tilbury collection, aspires to make everyone feel and look like the most beautiful and confident versions of themselves possible. Seeking to make eyes pop, lips look fuller and wider, and complexion glow brighter, the brand has gathered together a huge number of stars for a dreamy campaign that embraces a girls night in to remember. Kate Moss, Twiggy Lawson, Jordan Dunn, Kaia Gerber and Sofia Schwarzkopf-Tilbury are just a handful of those featured in the pink promos lounging around on beds, checking their makeup in the mirror and talking on old-styled landline phones. That’s a night in we wish we’d gotten an invite to!

Kylie Cosmetics

The new collection from Kylie Cosmetics is a collaboration with Kylie’s sister Kendall, aptly titled the Kendall Collection. The collection, which features a pressed powder palette, blush, highlighter cheek quad, lip crayon set, and lip gloss comes in a pastel lilac case which is sure to add a cute vibe to your makeup station. The campaign leans heavily on this pastel lilac colour palette and also utilises bunches of pastel flowers in shades of purple and lilac to highlight the fact that this is a Spring focused collection. The collection also had an exclusive taster release before it officially dropped which featured a lilac van completely covered in a sea of purple flowers, which was a really stunning spectacle.

Words By Andrew Coyle

Feature Image Kim kardashian Instagram


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