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6 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team Unexpected Celebrity Inspired Halloween Costumes

6 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Unexpected Celebrity Inspired Halloween Costumes

Happy Spooky season everybody! Now that the skies are cloudier and the days are greyer, there’s only one thing that gets us through the end-of-summer sadness: Halloween. And the best part? The costumes, of course. But what with the holiday happening every year, finding a getup that is recognisable, hasn’t been overdone, and will make you stand out can feel like a futile quest. But there’s an infallible solution to our sorrows, and it’s celebrity costumes. They can do no wrong: they’re original but identifiable and you’re bound to get a few laughs of acknowledgment. So if you need some A-lister costume inspiration for this witchy season, keep on reading.

Margot Robbie On The Barbie Press Tour

Barbie costumes are going to be in 2023 what Harley Quinn ones were in 2016: everywhere. If you want to embrace the Barbie era but don’t want to be drowned in twins at every Halloween party, dressing as Margot Robbie on the Barbie press tour will get you there. You’ll still think pink, but not in an uber-mainstream way. (PS: How does Margot Robbie monopolize Halloween year after year?)

Doja Cat

Of course, we had to include the devil herself (her words, not ours). There’s no such thing as a perfect match, but Doja Cat and Halloween are as close as society will ever get. Plus, with the rapper constantly delivering such costumey looks, the possibilities are endless. For 2023, her most iconic (and recent) look is the bedazzled red corset dress she wore to the Schiaparelli show, complete will 30,000 red crystals embedded on her skin and a demonic smile. If you don’t happen to have Swarovski crystals on your nightstand, you can DIY it with red paint and glitter. It might be difficult to get off at the end of the night, but it’s worth it.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Courtroom Chic

Gwyneth Paltrow gave us one of the most iconic pop culture moments of the year, so it’s only fair to acknowledge it. In case you missed it (although if you have internet access we don’t see how you would) the vagina-candle creator attended her March civil trial in an outfit so purposefully understated it sent the internet into a crazed mania (it screamed I’m innocent). The ensembles made headlines and #gwynethchic was trending for weeks after, proving her chokehold on us all. If you want a costume that’s a pop culture reference, look no further than Gwyneth. The good news? You can wear the exact outfits she wore (most from her brand G by Goop) even after Halloween is over.

Kylie Jenner As Christina Aguilera In Dirrrty

Yes, we know this one is not a new and exciting one per se, but the double layer makes up for it: it’s a celebrity costume of a celebrity costume. When looking for a sexy and trend-forward look, the Kardashians are a no-brainer; even more so when the icon Christina Aguilera is included in the mix. Just add some black clip-on hair extensions to the outfit and you’re ready to get Dirrrty like Xtina.

Written By Alexia De Las Haris

Header Image By Mia Washbrook


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