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1 year ago, by Voir Editorial Team Troye Sivan Challenges His Artistry With “Take Yourself Home”

1 year ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Troye Sivan Challenges His Artistry With “Take Yourself Home”

Former Youtuber, up-and-coming pop star and gay heartthrob Troye Sivan never fails to enchant the world with his music and has managed to do so again with his new single, “Take Yourself Home.”

“Take Yourself Home” is the first time we have heard music from Troye since the release of his sophomore album, Bloom, of which the supporting tour helped to propel fellow star Kim Petras into the success she now has. Bloom saw a more developed and mature Troye explore the passion and emotion surrounding love and relationships, most likely referencing the almost four-year-long relationship between Troye and boyfriend Jacob Bixenman.

The song has been teased on social media for several weeks, with Troye posting the single cover art 3 days ago. The cover art undeniably looks eerily similar to the film poster for 2017’s “Ladybird”. Twitter obviously picked up on this and began to compare the two pictures, to which Troye replied with a picture of the movie poster and the caption “Me” – we stan a self-aware king.

‘Take Yourself Home’ opens on a soft, emotional note, with Troye singing “I’m tired of the city, scream if you’re with me” (a lyric he had previously teased on Twitter just over a week ago). These lyrics showcase a more vulnerable and melancholy side to an artist often signing about the ‘good side’ of love, if you pardon the reference. The lyric, “if anyone can hear me, switch the lights” especially stood out as a particularly potent insight into the mind of one of pop’s freshest faces, as he comes to terms with the damaging emotions that surround the celebrity he has earned; feeling as though you are invisible despite and sometimes as a result of being observed by millions.

Lyric Video of Troye Sivan’s New Song ‘Take Yourself Home’

The song’s chorus, consisting of a swelling, smooth beat and Troye’s gentle yet deliberate singing is both erotic and moving. The angsty lyrics with the soft mellow beat is representative of Troye’s interpretation of pop music and manage to perfectly reflect the feelings of a generation. The words invite the listener into the faded existence described in the song, and the subtle jazz influence helps to curate a near-perfect auditory experience; entirely relaxing and refreshingly intoxicating.

At the near-end of the song, Troye’s vocals begin to get lost in the humming baseline seemingly bringing a close to this mellow ballad describing the angsty experiences of a young pop star, before the listener is suddenly immersed into a hyper-electronic sonic explosion. The beat becomes metallic and feels as though its warping and bouncing off all corners of the track, much like the sounds often used in Charli XCX’s PC music. It utterly stuns the listener, yet absorbs them into the somehow infectious dance break.

In conclusion, “Take Yourself Home” is truly a window into Troye Sivan’s outlook on the pop landscape. The dejection and detached lyrics, the peaceful beat and explosive ending all tell an infectiously vibey story of pop music in 2020. This release signals Troye venturing into a new sound, one that is both gripping and alluring.

We can’t wait to hear what you have in store for us, Troye. Until then, we can just ‘Dance To This’.

Words by Joe Gardner

Graphics by Katie Janes

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