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4 weeks ago, by Voir Editorial Team Tried and Tested TikTok Beauty Hacks to Give a Go

4 weeks ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Tried and Tested TikTok Beauty Hacks to Give a Go

TikTok has taken the beauty industry by storm, introducing millions of users to a variety of tips, tricks and products that are worthy of incorporating into their everyday routines. Chief among our For You pages are often the latest beauty hacks, making our lives that little bit easier, and the appearance of our makeup that little bit smoother, with each and every attempt. If you’re looking to spice up your life when it comes to beauty, Voir is here to narrow down TikTok’s favourite tried and tested beauty hacks – sealed with the approval of the platform’s most trusted MUA’s.

A Simplistic Spin on Winged Liner


this winged liner hack will change EVERYTHING!!! @katiejanehugheswastaken #foryou #fyp #transformation

♬ original sound – nikkietutorials

If you have hooded eyes and find it difficult to apply eyeliner that isn’t wonky, this hack is for you. Start off by drawing an outer wing, before pulling it in whilst, most importantly, looking forwards. By drawing on top of your eye, a unique shape will form. Rather than filling in the gap, leave it be for a wing that suits your eye shape perfectly. If it’s good enough for Nikki, it’s good enough for us.

Tackling the Appearance of Pores

If you find it particularly tedious to minimise the appearance of your pores when applying your base coat, why not take a leaf out of Manny’s book? First things first, prep your skin with a moisturiser of your choice. According to Manny, the essential product is Tarte’s Timeless Smoothing Primer. Apply a small amount onto your finger, then pat it into your pores. Next, take a finely milled translucent powder and gently re-coat your skin before applying a medium to full coverage foundation (Manny uses Too Faced’s Born This Way) with your fingertips. Grab a stippling brush and press the products forcefully, swiftly followed by a spritz of Milk’s Hydro Grip Setting Spray for a base that won’t budge. Finally, Manny recommends utilising a beauty blender to apply your setting powder once again, topped off with one final spritz of setting spray.

Flawless Foundation


Tried the cooking foundation hack 😱 It worked 🙌🏽 IB: @Elif Ertürk #hudabeauty #xyzbca #foryou #fauxfilterfoundation #foundationhack @hudabeauty

♬ original sound – Huda Beauty

If you feel like getting creative, what’s more adventurous than cooking your foundation? Yep, you read that right. Squirt your foundation onto a spoon and utilise the flame from a lighter to warm the bottom. When bubbles start to form, let the product cool to a suitable temperature before coating it onto your skin with a brush of your choice. This hack will ensure that your foundation blends in beautifully, minimising your pores and elevating your glam. Huda Beauty adores this hack, so much so that she’ll be using it forever.

The Perfect Concealer


Here’s how I set my concealer and under eye’s #fyp #makeuptutorial

♬ original sound – Shayla

If you struggle with setting your under-eyes, here’s a trick to add to your daily beauty agenda. Apply your foundation before topping it off lightly with a medium shade of concealer. Using Morphe, Shayla blends the products with a beauty sponge and lightly brushes it with Makeup Forever’s staple setting powder. When halfway through her eyeshadow, she then uses a mini beauty blender to set under her eyes with a pressed, rather than loose, powder, particularly on the side of her nose. Shayla then dusts off the remainder of the product, grabs her mini sponge and pressed powder, and draws a sloped line from her outer corners in an upwards motion. She bakes for just a minute or two then, once again, dusts off any leftover product.

Backcombed Lashes

If you want to lengthen and maximise your lashes, this mascara hack, approved by Scortezz Beauty, is ideal. To add volume and fullness from the root of the lash, use the brush to roll away from the eye whilst simultaneously pushing down on the underside of your lashes. When you roll in from the side, you may find that your lashes look wonky. To correct this, brush upwards and apply as many coats as desired. Simple and effective, this trick guarantees to hold a curl all day.

Words by Gracie Eastwood

Header Image: @nikkietutorials


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