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1 year ago, by Voir Editorial Team These Hairstyles Are Bound To Make Heads Turn This Valentine’s Day

1 year ago, by Voir Editorial Team

These Hairstyles Are Bound To Make Heads Turn This Valentine’s Day

It’s that time of year, roses are appearing, and dinner reservations are being booked, but what’s your hair saying?  

On the biggest night of the year for all things love related, you cannot have your hair letting you down on the last hurdle. So below we have included some gorgeous hair looks to try out this Valentine’s Day that will be sure to turn heads. 

Four Piece Updo  


Répondre à @heyitsfah I tried this one for u today for valentines day ♥️ #hairtutorials #valentineshair #valentinesinspo

♬ оригинальный звук – Lerushka👐🏼

This Valentine’s why not try this beautiful four-piece updo? This look is super sexy and gives off that feisty energy that we just can’t get enough of. It’s super easy to do and looks incredible when finished.  

Simply part your hair into four sections at the front and pull your hair back on itself to create a sort of knot look. Then bring the hair that you pulled through and link it by twisting them with the hair from the other sections into rings finishing with the ponytails back at the back of your head.  

Then to add some pizazz to this look you can curl the rest of your hair and add some decorating accessories such as ribbons or flowers to level up the look and make it more dressy, perfect for any Valentine’s Day plans you’ve got.  

Simple Accessories  

Sucker for a simple look but want to jazz it up a little for Valentine’s Day? We’ve got you as This next look is cute and simple. Styling effortless beach waves this TikToker has gone with a classic look that included a pretty side clip alongside her wavy hair for this Valentine’s Day hairstyle.  

This look is super easy and low maintenance so if you are on the lookout for something easy and not too flashy you might be onto a winner with this one.  

Simply style your hair, we recommend a curly look like a video to help level up the look more and scoop back a section of your hair behind your ear. You can use the heatless curl dressing gown technique if you are not a fan of using heat but still want some pretty curls.  

Hair gel would be an idea to purchase to keep your scooped hair in place and help achieve that sleek look you are after with this hairstyle. Then to finish it off choose a pretty accessory of your choosing.  

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This next look is very bohemian and effortless so of course, we had to include it on our list. It looks stunning and definitely looks like it took longer than it did.  

You can style your hair straight or curly for this look, The choice is yours. Simply braid your hair loosely halfway down your head and tie it off with a hair tie. To make this look more elegant and sophisticated you can tie off the end of the hair tie or with your hair wrapped around it so that the hair tie is disguised. 

This look is so pretty and luckily for us, it looks high maintenance when in reality is a pretty low-maintenance updo.  

There are currently some BaByliss straighteners on sale that look fantastic that would be perfect to use when creating this look as you can curl and straighten your hair using straighteners, their versatile nature means they are a necessity in any beauty arsenal.  

Sleek Updo 


Date night hairstyle using the @CLOUD NINE HAIR Cordless Straightener🫶🏽🫶🏽 #hairtutorial #valentinesday #hairtok #datenighthair #hairstyle #hairinspo #cloudninehair AD

♬ original sound – 🧘🏾‍♀️☆

This next look is so sexy and gives off baddie date night vibes.  This look is achievable by parting your hair making sure you leave two sections down to frame your face and scooping the rest of your hair up into a half up half-down updo.  

Then the tiktoker went in and flicked the ends of her hair upwards to give that blowout aesthetic.   If you don’t have straighteners to give the blowout look then you can always use a trusty rounded brush and a hair dryer to curl the ends of your hair and achieve that blowout look. 

You can use gel and hairspray to keep the hair sleek throughout the night. This look is perfect for a date night and the added touch of a red bow brings the Valentine’s Day theme to the look.  

Words By: Sophia-Fai Roche

Header Image: @cecilialaulanne


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