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8 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team These are the 10 hair trends you need to know about for AW23!

8 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team

These are the 10 hair trends you need to know about for AW23!

 Hairstyles have long been a canvas for self-expression, cultural influences, and creative invention in the ever-changing world of fashion and beauty. From the red carpets to Instagram feeds, 2023 has offered us many comebacks and a hard one too! 

Voir has compiled a list of the top hair styles from the AW23 catwalks to inspire your next look. 

 Old school braids 


 In the ever-changing world of fashion, certain trends endure, winding their way through decades to become legendary fashion statements. Old school braids are among these timeless masterpieces, a monument to the craftsmanship and beauty that have adorned the heads of women for decades. The Heidi hairstyle, often associated with the character Heidi from literature and folklore, exudes a sense of innocence, warmth, and a connection to nature. 

Ballerina Buns

Courtesy of Lauren Beck

The Ballerina Bun aesthetic is characterized by its effortless elegance. The sleek and tidy bun is a hallmark of refined beauty that appears effortlessly put together. Ryan Roche’s ballerina buns has again resurfaced in AW23 as a hairstyle you should look out for. The Ballerina Bun style elongates the neckline and attracts attention to the facial features by putting the bun high on the head, boosting the wearer’s overall elegance and poise. This is simplicity at its finest and it effortlessly does a great job. 

Black Bows

Courtesy of Dimitrios Kambouris

The “Black Bows” style is an exciting blend of elegance and boldness centred on the adaptable and ageless appeal of black bows as accessories. The use of black and the beautiful bow shape produces a look that may vary from traditional to edgy, appealing to a wide range of personal styles. The Met Gala’s black bows epitomize a refined and glamorous aesthetic. Karlie Kloss accessorised her neat high ponytail with a black satin bow and she looks phenomenal in the hairdo. 

Side Part Savvy

Courtesy of Daniele Venturelli 

Whether you want a sleek and polished look or a more relaxed and natural one, the side partings hairstyle aesthetic offers limitless options. The side parting may be loosened and tousled, producing a casual stylish look that is ideal for more relaxed settings. Priyanka Chopra has done a whole glam look with this hairstyle and she is carrying it well. The asymmetry of the side parting provides aesthetic appeal to the hair and creates a focal point that sticks out. 

Wet ‘N’ Styled

Courtesy of Vivienne Westwood

The “Wet ‘n Styled” hairdo embodies the attraction of sleekness as well as a blend of edgy and elegant aspects. This trend takes the concept of damp, glossy hair and transforms it into a fashion-forward statement that is both daring and sophisticated. The wet effect adds a modern twist to classic hairstyles, creating a juxtaposition of textures that’s both bold and chic. Andreas Kronthaler for Vivienne Westwood is a good look back. 

Hair Brooches 

Courtesy of Rodarte

A blend of vintage charm, modern sophistication, and creative flair contributes to its beauty. Hair brooches have been seen on fashion runways, showcasing how they are incorporated into high fashion and couture looks. Hair brooches can turn even the simplest hairstyles into exquisite and glamorous works of art. Even modest, delicate brooches may give a bit of glitz and refinement to your hairdo without dominating it. 

Words by Alphy Roy

Header Image by Carlo Scarpato


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