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2 years ago, by Voir Editorial Team The Jays: America’s Next Top Model Untold

2 years ago, by Voir Editorial Team

The Jays: America’s Next Top Model Untold

Tyra Banks, Nigel Barker, Miss J. Alexander and Jay Manuel
Tyra Banks, Nigel Barker, Miss J. Alexander and Jay Manuel

Former America’s Next Top Model coaches Mr Jay Manuel and Miss J. Alexander team up on Instagram Live for .

The iconic co-stars will be going live each Friday at 5 pm BST discussing moments and revealing secrets from each cycle of the famous modelling reality show.

Jay Manuel, the original creative director of ANTM, is now the CEO and founder of the beauty line, Jay Manuel Beauty, which first launched in 2017. While Miss J., the ‘Queen of the Catwalk’ as Tyra claims, has been runway coaching throughout his career and has been involved in the casting of models for several high fashion brands.

Their last appearance in the show was on the 18th season when, due to low ratings, both were fired along with photographer Nigel Barker. Since 2003 ANTM has been one of the top reality shows hosted by a supermodel, Tyra Banks, – having more than 20 seasons in America only – that quickly gained worldwide success, with countries having their version of the competition.

Throughout each cycle, the multitude of contestants have shown different personalities and gave the audience some of the funniest moments in the history of the programme. Catfights, drama and drastic transformations were at the basis of ANTM and kept the viewers entertained. But even weird and controversial moments didn’t fail to show up.

Miss J. Alexander, Tyra Banks and Jay Manuel
Miss J. Alexander, Tyra Banks and Jay Manuel

The panellists and judges of the competition – including ‘the Jays’ – offered every time new (and often questionable) challenges which either helped the models to progress to the next episode or rewarded them with fashion spreads and special gifts. As well as being entertaining, these challenges raised curiosity among fans. Many started asking questions to the fashion coaches and thus, driven by nostalgia, they decided to answer all of them in these weekly Instagram lives.

On the first live, the Jays talked about the first season, when everything started: the conversation went from fan favourite contestants to difficult challenges and then to the first winner, Adrianne Curry. The latest one reflected on cycle 2: topics of discussion were Tyra’s music video, Janice Dickinson and many more events cut from this season of the show.

As the series is now considered a classic, many people started to binge-watch it during the lockdown. Have you watched it? If so which cycle was your favourite?

If you’d like to have your questions answered on ANTM, this live Q&A will be perfect for you.

Words by Gennaro Costanzo

Graphics by Katie Janes

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