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2 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team The Hottest Trends Celebrities are Wearing Across Instagram in 2021

2 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team

The Hottest Trends Celebrities are Wearing Across Instagram in 2021

Anyone can see that Instagram is at the forefront of what we see from celebrities nowadays — from their media-captured street styles to the pictures exclusively shared by the famous names themselves. That’s why we’ve combed across countless posts and accounts to find the hottest celebrity-driven trends taking over the platform — and we’ve coupled them with links to help you easily score similar (or the same!) pieces while they’re hot.


The “we mean business” check has come out to play on Instagram, being worn across the ultra-followed celebrity spectrum. Seen in iterations such as from head-to-toe on Kylie Jenner, to sequins on Beyonce, houndstooth is a trend that clearly has bite.

Our favourite houndstooth pieces:

Revealing Strings

Panels of fabric held together by strings of lacing and metal have been spotted on everyone from Hailey Beiber (In Dundas) to Kylie Jenner. Recalling Elizabeth Hurley’s ultra-famous 90s Versace “safety pin” dress, these modern takes on the idea of carefully placed lacing add new elements such as jumpsuit cuts and micro-mini skirts.

Here are some of our favourite takes on the trend:


Slits and cut-outs that swerve from side to side is one of the latest trends to boom across social, with everyone from Florence Pugh to Bella Hadid and Lizzo wearing it. Thankfully, similar looks have already begun appearing in shops everywhere:

Bright & Bold Prints

Intensely coloured prints that give the eye a wake-up call are unmissable right now on some of Instagram’s most-followed stars. Shades of yellow, red, blue and more are being creatively mixed together, making the celeb world’s biggest stars all the more captivating.

Here is our favourite mix of fearless prints:

Halter Topping

As seen on…well, pretty much everyone who’s anyone on social media, these shoulder-baring tops are perfectly pared with bold jewellery and sunglasses to bring focus to famous faces. The close to the neck style has been worn across the insta-sphere by everyone from Dove Cameron to Bella Hadid.

Here are our favourite halter neck styles:

Top-to-Toe Monochrome

Celebrities have proven that a solid curtain of colour can give even some of the most famous people in the world a new level of presence. These ultra-unified outfits thankfully look great in a variety of places — from neutral shades in the workplace to fun pastels worn as street styles.

You can create your own complete monochrome outfit, as seen on Ariana Grande in Versace, by choosing some of these colour-rich pieces:

Oversize Shirts

Roomy shirts have been giving lots of breathing room during these hot summer days to a lot of VIP people, from Elsa Hosk to Katie Holmes. And it makes sense — after all, this classic cut is timeless and perfect for those who want to keep things comfortable and casual.

Here are some of our favourite picks for this much-loved style:

Candy-Coloured Gloss

Shiny pastel wares have been gleaming things up across social media, with lustrous textures being seen on everything from bra tops to skin-tight leggings. Similar glimmering shades can currently be found on a variety of items — from precisely tailored suits to strikingly bright accessories.

Here are our picks for those who want to gloss things up:


These laced up tops may have a Victorian connotation, but they are very much the look for 2021, as shown here on supermodel Candice Swanepoel. These structured tops are surprisingly versatile — pairing just as well with jeans as they do with evening wear.

Here are our favourite laced-up looks:

Oh-So-Low backs:

One of the latest takes on the Y2K fashion revival, dramatically low backs are revealing a new side of celebrity fashion, as it is worn by a variety of famous names including Kylie Jenner.

Here are our favourite ways to dip into the trend:

Tube Tops

Tube tops are the casual cousin of the corset — and are even easier to wear. They are perfect for the hottest of summer days, and look as cute with flowy skirts as they do with a pair of wide-leg jeans.

Words By Victoria Arrington


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