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2 weeks ago, by Voir Editorial Team The Hottest Releases To Add To Your November Playlists

2 weeks ago, by Voir Editorial Team

The Hottest Releases To Add To Your November Playlists

With the end of the year approaching, it is the perfect time to look for some new music to spice up your playlist to put you in top form for the new year. Thankfully, our favourite musicians have been out in full force delivering some great songs, making it easier than ever to keep ourselves updated with fresh sounds. These are our current favourite tracks, ready for you to love!

Rosalia ft. The Weeknd- LA FAMA

“Get ready for some heat- La Fama!” is announced at the beginning of La Fama’s music video, however, we think ‘heat’ may be an understatement. La Fama sees The Weeknd and Rosalia sing a story of romancing with fame, exploring how this lifestyle is often glorified. In the music video, Rosalia wears a gorgeous embellished dress whilst performing on stage as the human embodiment of fame. A crowd of adoring listeners watch her, with The Weeknd situated at the best seat in the house for her performance. He soon becomes infatuated with Rosalia, subsequently entering a heated duet which ends with The Weeknd regretting his lust for fame. 

Christina Aguilera, Becky G, Nicki Nicole ft. Nathy Peluso – Pa Mis Muchachas

This release came as a bit of a surprise last month, as we heard Christina Aguilera fuse her iconic powerhouse vocals with the Spanish language for the first time in 21 years. Christina enlisted the help of Becky G, Nicki Nicola and Nathy Pelusa to aid in getting the song’s message of honouring powerful Latin women across, with Christina saying she chose her collaborators due to “the strength they exude”.  The slickly produced music video features Christina in all leather, whilst sporting her new fiery red hair alongside her collaborators looking just as rebellious as they dominate the dancefloor. 

Little Mix – No

Celebrating milestones has never looked (or sounded) as good as Little Mix, having marked their 10 year anniversary with the release of their greatest hits album ‘Between Us’ last week. The album included 4 brand new tracks, including the single ‘No’. The track details Little Mix’s strength, and how they have a new found power in being able to say ‘no’ to things they don’t want to do. The music video keeps their mantra of female empowerment at its heart, with the girls resembling glamorous mothers as they reset the men in their lives to help with day-to-day tasks that are usually seen as a mother’s responsibility. Talk about iconic.

Ms Banks- Party ft. Naira Marley

If you’re looking for a song to put you in the mood to dance, look no further because ‘Party’ will definitely get you out of your seat. This track sees Ms Banks bring a softer style, giving her hard-hitting bars a break. She sings melodies that compliment the song’s Afro-beat style percussion perfectly, resulting in a vibrant Afro-pop song. ‘Party’ saw Banks team up with Naira Marley, and he delivered his signature style of melodic rap with tongue-in-cheek lyrics to add an extra flavour to this fun track. The music video takes us to the streets of Nigeria, with Banks looking glammed up as she dances through the street market. The highlight of the video is Banks and Naira’s undeniable charisma and chemistry as they vibe together in the street.

Avril Lavigne- Bite Me

The Pop-Rock princess is back! Avril Lavigne made her solo comeback last week with the electrifying ‘Bite Me’. The song details a breakup and falling fast for the wrong person, matched with all the angst we would expect from a classic Avril song, brought to life by the dynamic drumming of Travis Barker. The music video feels nostalgic in all the right ways, with close-ups of Avril and her band playing ( this was a style of music video that was a huge part of 2000s pop-punk). To bring an extra taste of Y2K to her video, Avril rocks her iconic tartan skirt, knee-high black boots, a slogan t-shirt, black eyeshadow and dyed pink hair tips… We are living for this pop-rock rejuvenation! 

Anitta – Envolver

We couldn’t resist adding this saucy song to our list, as Anitta delivers another Latin Pop gem. ‘Envolver’ tells a tale of female desires, with an empowering sentiment that women should be unapologetic of their sexual needs and natures. Video wise, Anitta continues with this seductive message, as she lives out her dreams whilst performing a sensual dance with the man she is fixated on. This dream snaps back and forth from her reality of being alone, as she dances solo in a studio. 

Bruno Mars, Anderson .Paak, Silk Sonic – Smokin Out The Window

Putting groove back in our hearts and the charts are the sensational duo of Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak under their name of ‘Silk Sonic’. ‘Smokin’ Out The Window’ sees the pair sing tongue-in-cheek lyrics based on how they have gone above and beyond for their partners, only for her to be with somebody else. These cheeky lyrics are matched with a funk style, reminiscent of 70s R&B ballads. The music video is very retro, taking us back five decades, as the duo wear matching brown suits and yellow-tinged sunglasses, with accompanying dancers rocking the same fashion. The whole production of the song and video is done to a standard that feels world-class and could pass as a classic 70s song. 

Words By Nadia Clasper

Photo Credit: Xtina on Instagram


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