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4 weeks ago, by Voir Editorial Team The Eyeshadow Pallets You Need To Be Adding To Your Shopping Cart

4 weeks ago, by Voir Editorial Team

The Eyeshadow Pallets You Need To Be Adding To Your Shopping Cart

Finding the motivation to keep up your usual beauty routine can be hard at the moment, while we’re stuck at home each day patiently waiting for June 21st to come around. So we’re collecting inspiration for looks that you can practice and recreate in the Summer, along with some new purchases to add to your baskets. Whether you like pretty pastels, natural neutrals or sharp eye liner – we’ve got you covered.

Inner Corner Highlighting

Make your eyes pop with shimmery inner corner highlight, this subtle but effective technique can elevate any eye look this spring. Play around with colour or you could even opt for a metallic shade to give you that futuristic glam.

Eyeshadow Liner

Get creative with your eyeshadow and try out this liner effect. A simple technique which seems to be everywhere this spring, combining colour with cat eye to achieve a soft summery glow.

Double Mod Liner

Who said one stroke was enough? We’re getting major Cleopatra vibes from this double mod liner look. Enhance your eye game this spring with this bold tren

Full Lid Colours

Why not match your eyes with your outfit? Your clothes shouldn’t be the only colourful part of your look this spring, stand out from the crowd and opt for a head turning pop of colour. We’ve seen pastel yellows, blues, greens and even splashes of neon on the lids.

Winged Liner

This timeless trend looks good with everything. Whether you’re going for a bold eye or a more natural look, add a winged liner to take it from 0-100 real quick. We know eye liner can be messy but use this time to perfect your wing and you’ll never go back, we promise.

Hooded Lids

Using darker neutral shades, you can create a mysterious look. Apply neutral tones to your outer corners with the hooded lids technique, perfect for a smoky and seductive feel. Nothing says badass like this trend.

Natural Eyes

If eyeshadow isn’t really your thing then don’t worry, we have a solution. We’ve spotted a light and natural trend, using a subtle shimmer to give your eyes a dewy glow without layers of colour and liner. Perfect for your everyday go-to.

Lid Liner

Get creative and go crazy with this lid liner look. Using colour to outline your crease with a thick stroke is definitely a way to get noticed this spring, It’s easy to re-create and a subtle way to make your outfit brighter.

Words By Natasha Legge


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