The 12 Days of Kissmas

Left: Glitter Lips, Middle: Iridescent Lips, Right: Rhinestone Lips

It is an inevitable fact that each year the comforting light the summer kindly gifts us at the beginning and end of our days will be progressively swallowed up by winter; rationing our hours of daylight to the bare minimum. It is also an inevitable fact that along with our intrinsic instincts to find a mate (go on tinder) and hunt for food (scroll through uber eats), humans have a predisposition that is triggered the moment the clocks go back; sealing our fate of early mornings drowned in the unapologetic cold and darkness that confirm we are firmly within the winter season.

Over these past few months, have you ever looked at the black sea of commuters and just thought…YAWN!

Now, I can’t exactly judge the monotone stampede that is the morning rush hour. I’d be being hypocritical if I said I wasn’t a part of this yearly accidental mass murder of colour and individuality. As soon as I feel that first nip of a winter breeze, the party of bright colours and prints that was my summer wardrobe is promptly ripped off the hangers and scooped out of drawers, where said clothes are laid to rest in the suitcase under my bed, concealing any reminder that I can no longer prance about in a flouncy little kami and shorts.

Trivial summer worries become distant irrelevancies as the more pressing matters like how to afford to heat your house, whilst maintaining your after work G & T (or three) take over. With the adversity we face through the winter months is taken into consideration, it’s no wonder we are all guilty of swaddling ourselves in colossally unflattering black jumpers and dull brown coats as ammunition against these harsh realities of winter. Well, Its gone 1 big boring black coat too far this time. We are taking action. Yes, the weather is bleak and depressing, but why concisely add to the bleakness of our environment?

However, there is a solution.

We realise it would be pointless of us to encourage a complete wardrobe overhaul; practically and financially- ain’t nobody got time (or money) for that. We have a much more financially and practically achievable way to inject a bit of life back into your melancholy winter wardrobe, without having to purchase one single item of clothing!

This is all achievable with one little pair of accessories. A little pair of accessories that, in actual fact, you have owned since you were born. A little pair of accessories that are permanently stuck to your face, whether you like it or not. A little pair of accessories known as your lips.

Left: Pastel Lips, Middle: Gold Leaf Lips, Right: High Gloss Lips

Obviously you can’t rock up to the gym with a rhinestone cladded mouth, and nipping to the shop with gold leaf plastered on your lips is a little bit extra, however, there is a time and a place for everything.

Left: Metallics Lips, Middle: Red Lips, Right: Bright Lips

Even if you’re drowning in the most oversized, dull jumper-dress and coat-combo, a sexy little flash of glossed red lip or a peeking out just above the collar completely changes the unfortunate ‘I’m hiding a multitude of sins’ vibes, to ‘I’m going to commit a multitude of sins’ vibes *wink wink*.

Left: Black Lips, Middle: Transfers on Lips, Right: Dark Outline or Ombre Lips

Sharpen up your boring work clothes with a flash of bright orange or pink, or give your tired old jeans and jumper combo an edgy gothic look, think less goth more Gwen Stefani circa 1990. With so much to choose from, there is no excuse not to get a bit lippy this Christmas!

In light of this ingenious idea (if we do say so ourselves), as our little Christmas present from us to you (and so we can inject at least SOME colour and life into the darkness of winter) like the three wise men, we have searched long and hard. Resulting in us finding the twelve ultimate lip looks that will give your Carmex a well deserved winter break and your outfits a much needed edge! Don’t say we never give you anything.

Words by Ella Winfield

Graphics by Aamir Potrick

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