Retrograde Ready: Your Makeup Of The Month According To Your Zodiac

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

As July brings summer days it also brings Mercury in retrograde…

When a planet goes into retrograde it means it is essentially asleep at the wheel, and no longer able to operate at its normal speed and strength.

So when Mercury, the planet of communication, is asleep at the wheel, we lose a lot of patience, a lot seems to be going wrong.

Tubes become delayed, your Wi-Fi cuts out when you’re sending your deadlines, your texts about pretending you’re sick for a party go to the host instead of your friend. Could it get any better?!

While we wait for the madness to pass, here’s your list of the best beauty products for your sign, according to your lucky colour, and crystal for the month – get that summer-spring back in your step.


Colour – White

Crystal – Diamond

The Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb in Diamond Milk gives a beautiful, shiny glaze to your lips, giving the appearance of an expensively frosted pout. Apply on its own, or on top of your favorite lip shade and glow in the summer sun.


Colour – Green

Crystal – Jade

Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon in Smokey Emerald will give you that effortless sexiness that we know you Leo’s love. This green eye is easy to apply, day or night, as it comes in a convenient chubby pencil. Apply all over the lids as a wash, increasing the intensity for day, date or disco.


Colour – Green

Crystal – Peridot

NARS Duo Eyeshadow in Earth Angel is perfect for you Earth signs. As green is your lucky colour this month, this eyeshadow duo features a gorgeous olive tone that also replicates the colour of your lucky crystal peridot, plus it is a delicately muted way of trying a green shadow for your modest nature.


Colour – Black

Crystal – Black Tourmaline

As you’re ruled by Venus, Pat McGrath’s FetishEyes Mascara creates the perfect thick, black, flirty lash that you Libras will adore. This month will bring sophistication for you, and McGrath lashes will certainly help you radiate it.


Colour – Green

Crystal – Chlorite

Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Lounge is a duo-chrome shadow that replicates the iridescent glow of Chlorite, initially a violet colour, it refracts a green glow when in sunlight. Wash all over the lid with a larger blender brush for the perfect festival eye look. We know you Scorpios love a party.


Colour – Pink

Crystal – Quartz

World renowned backstage makeup artist Gucci Westman released her own clean beauty brand Westman Atelier last month. Her cream blush Baby Cheeks in Poppy Pink is a gorgeous bright pink, ideal for Sagittarius romantics, holiday makeup or for pretty blush for wedding season.


Colour – Yellow

Crystal – Jasper

Neons and coloured liners were all over the SS19 runways; apply M.A.C.’s Chroma Cake in Primary Yellow with a wet liner brush to get the look, for minimal effort, but maximum impact – perfect for you hardworking Capricorns.


Colour – Red

Crystal – Ruby

Charlotte Tilbury’s new launch of Hot Lips 2 is a collaboration with Women for Women International, where a £1 million pledge of Hot Lips sales will go to the charity. Red Hot Susan, named after icon Susan Sarandon, is gorgeous orange-toned red to mirror a burning ruby. ¡Muy caliente!


Colour – Purple

Crystal – Fluorite

NARS Velvet Shadow Stick in Uzbek is a creamy, bendable stick eyeshadow with long-lasting high-impact colour. Shine as bright as your aura this month with this deep vivid purple.


Colour – Red

Crystal – Red Jasper

Glossier has added two new colours of their best-selling juicy lip gloss this month, and lucky for you fiery Aries, their Lip Gloss in Red matches your lucky colour of the month. Apply on its own for a delicate hint of red on the lips for a summery day look, or apply on top of red lip-liner/lipstick to attract those admirers you’re getting this month.


Colour – Green

Crystal – Aquamarine

As your lucky crystal this month is the gorgeous Aquamarine, Fenty Beauty’s Kilowatt Highlighter in Chillz is the perfect bit of frosting to add some charm and luck to your beauty routine. Perfect as a night out highlighter for darker skin tones, or as a gleaming eyeshadow for fairer skins.


Colour – Purple

Crystal – Amethyst

NARS Dual Intensity Eyeshadow in Phoebe is a perfect true Amethyst. Apply this as a wash of colour all over the lids and follow with plenty of mascara for big, fluttery lashes to create some magic this month.

Graphics by Sasha Green

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