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Mysterious Masterpiece: The Delivery Man- Prada

With Prada celebrating it's "Cahier" range of handbags (as seen in Voir Issue 22), the Italian luxury house have collaborated with the talented director Ryan Hope, to explore the relationship between the moving image and brand apparel.

This three part ‘short’ series, entitled “The Delivery Man” showcases a variety of stories all imbued with the same themes of family, home and love.

The films feature a nameless protagonist who is tasked with the delivery of Prada’s very own leather crossbody bag.

Starring J.K. Simmons, Prada guides the viewer through a range of visual styles, using overt cinematographic techniques yet subtle filmic references.

Each of parts 1,2 & 3 captures a different style - let us know if you identify the inspiration?

#1 Midnight Request

#2 Woman’s Best Friend

#3 Priorities of Love

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