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3 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team Modern Culture Meets Hollywood Glam At The Oscars 2022

3 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Modern Culture Meets Hollywood Glam At The Oscars 2022

Wow, what a night! It seems as if this year’s Oscars are serving us the hottest beauty looks to date. From solitary smokey eyes, blushed pink eyelids, or a bold red lip, glamorous looks are abundant. Throughout history, the Oscars have been renowned as the pinnacle of Hollywood glamour and this year was no exception. Classical looks were given an edgy twist to harmonise with modern-day culture, with beauty and fashion working hand-in-hand beautifully. Here are some of our most memorable looks this year;

Willow Smith

Known for her grungy style, Willow matched the red accents on her outfit with a subtle red eyeshadow and bold red lip. The powerful black leather outfit was paired with the subtle but effective red makeup look. The red shadow placed in the eyes’ inner corner then dragged under the lower lash line fits in with Willow’s style whilst showing us the range within her beautiful looks.

Lily James

Lily James walked the red carpet wearing a stunning blush pink, crystallised Versace dress, with a complimentary beautiful smokey rose eyeshadow look. Makeup courtesy of Hung Vanngo, the star rocked an all Anastasia Beverly Hills lineup of products. Flawless skin with a subtle blushed cheek and coral pink lip, the rosy eye look stole the show! A range of different pinks used to create the smokey matte look fits perfectly with the James’ pink toned dress. A twist on the classic black smokey eye, this is a softer and sweeter looking rendition!

Emily Ratajkowski

Once again, Hung Vanngo struck gold with this neutral soft glam look on Emily Ratajkowki. A classic black winged liner is precisely drawn on the upper lid, which then glides down through Emily’s water line to meet in a small wing in her inner corner, this creates the solitary cat-eyed look. Paired with a blushed cheek and a full nude lip, this look is simplistic but beautiful. Opting for a natural flushed and freckled skin base, all the attention is on the eyes.

Laura Harrier

Also serving a nude soft glam look courtesy of Hung Vanngo, Laura Harrier is seen rocking a nude glossy lip with flawless glowy skin. Using a darker shadow in the eye’s crease and a lighter matte shadow on the lid has drawn us into her eyes. The chin-length curly bob is giving us 30’s Hollywood glamour vibes, paying an ode to the classic Hollywood glamour the academy awards usually bring us!


It girl Zendaya was spotted at the Vanity Fair after-party wearing a structured masc/fem suit. Paired perfectly with a sleek deep side-part low ponytail and a stunning shimmery silver makeup look the actress has left us stunned! The silver and black smokey eye was paired up with a natural pink glossy lip to deliver a perfect mixture of elegance and edge. Zendaya has done it again!

Zoe Kravitz

Wearing a gorgeous baby pink YSL dress, Zoe wore a sweet and subtle pink eyeshadow look with a small winged liner and bright highlighted inner corner. But, the pink didn’t stop with the eyes – pink blush and a rose nude lip tied everything in perfectly. The short sleek hair has become a staple for Zoe and we are obsessed! The edgy hair styling matches perfectly with the classic and cute pink dress.

Rachel Zegler

West Side Story star Rachel Zegler was spotted at the Oscars with a slick, short 1930’s inspired hairstyle. The deep side part with flicked up ends is giving us classic Hollywood glamour, especially with the heavy jewellery. She rocked a classic brown smokey shadow look and a natural nude lip, resulting in vintage glamour rejuvenated!

Billie Eilish

The “No Time To Die” Bond singer took the red carpet with her usual grunge twist, but this time with a glamorous elegance to it. Her new style debuted at the Met Gala 2021, and she kept this style alive during her Oscars appearance with a soft, side part hairdo. The subtle flicked up ends is paired perfectly with soft and natural makeup. Pale porcelain-like skin just looks so good with the bold black dress and slick hair, what’s not to love about this look!

Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens was seen with a slick middle-part up-do, and a sleek fox eye to match the vibe. The Tick Tick Boom co-star rocked this soft glam makeup look, the brown-toned eye was paired with a brown-toned matte lipstick to complete the look, serving a modern twist on Hollywood glamour and we are here for it!

Maddie Ziegler

The dance moms superstar turned actress came to impress at her first Oscars! Draped in Swarovski crystals and a big gown, her minimal and natural makeup complimented the look perfectly. Makeup artist Tonya Brewer did a natural rosy pink lip and a soft cat-eye look, with a bold bronzed cheek to give Maddie that summer glow. The whole look came together and matched perfectly with her classical elegant up-do and two fallen strands to frame her face, definitely a look we can get behind!

Chlöe Bailey

Seen wearing an elegant purple gown, Chlöe wore a shimmery purple eye look to match, with extra voluminous bee-hive hair, the singer stunned us on the red carpet. Her purple and pink-toned eye shadow smoked out to create a softer more solitary look, not taking too much attention away from the eyes, Chlöe wore a pale glossy nude lip. The hair, the makeup and the outfit all work together so well and stand out to us as a stunning look!

Megan Thee Stallion

Meg had all our attention at this year’s Academy Awards! Wearing a periwinkle blue dress, Megan had the perfect hair and makeup to match. An elegant sleek low bun with swirled edges to match her dress, and a snatched makeup look to die for! The matte cut-crease eyeshadow look was giving sweet but sexy, and the glossy nude lip is a staple for this type of look. All together, Megan’s look worked beautifully, a balance of both her style whilst mimicking old Hollywood glamour.


Seen wearing a sexy lace one piece by Dolce Gabbana at the Vanity Fair after-party, the pop star matched it perfectly with her slick cropped hair and dark eye look. An ode to old Hollywood was paid again by parting the hair with a deep side parting and flicking up the ends. She kept her base makeup nice and neutral whilst rocking a bold black spiked liner look, something bolder than what they’re used to. We like this dark sexy side and hope to see it more often!

Words By Lily Grimes

Photo Credit: Hung Vanngo


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