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1 year ago, by Voir Editorial Team Magic In A Bottle? – Colour Changing Makeup Is The Next Big Thing

1 year ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Magic In A Bottle? – Colour Changing Makeup Is The Next Big Thing

Makeup brands are always trying out new weirdly wonderful things to stay ahead of the game, and colour-changing makeup is next in the long line of innovative creations in the makeup world. Brands have started creating products that react to your skin’s pH to trigger a colour change in the formula. You can get colour changing blushes, lip glosses, and even foundations. Let’s take a look at which brands have pulled out all the stops to create these mesmerising products. 

Youthforia – BYO Blush

Image by BeautyBay

You may be confused as to how this green goop is a blush – but hear us out. When it comes in contact with your skin, the formula reacts to components in your natural oils and instantly turns into the perfect pink shade for your skin. It beautifully emphasises your natural undertones and gives you a perfect sun-kissed glow. Because of the serum formula, it effortlessly glided over your skin and can basically double up as a highlighter as well. 

@daceycash tried out the BYO Blush in a TikTok. As soon as she applied a bit of the product onto her skin, it turned into a gorgeous shade of peachy pink. 

MUA – Metamorphosis Colour Changing Lip & Cheek Oil

Image by Sephora

Not only do we love a bit of colour-changing magic, but we’re suckers for some multitasker products too. Makeup Academy’s Colour Changing Oil can be used as both a blush and lip gloss. It’ll turn out just a little bit differently on everybody as it merges with your skin to create the best possible shade of pink for you. Infused with Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E, this product is bound to leave you feeling nourished throughout the day. 

Charlotte Tilbury – Glowgasm Lips

Image by Charlotte Tilbury

Yet another godsend from Charlotte Tilbury. This lipstick glides smoothly across your lips, adapting to your colour and pH to produce a flattering shade, perfect for your tone, that’s bound to turn some heads. The shade Glittergasm brings out your inner pink and Jewelgasm gives you a more chic ruby red look. Side note: we cannot get enough of the packaging!

Kate O’Neil (@kateeoneilll) gushes over the packaging, formula and colour in a video posted to TikTok. 


im a sucker for sparkles🤪 @Charlotte Tilbury glowgasm lips in glittergasm ✨ #fyp #charlottetilbury #glitterlipbalm #euphoria

♬ Forever – Labrinth

Florence By Mills – True To Hue PH Adjusting Lip and Cheek Balm

Image by Beauty Bay

This balm may not look like much in its pretty pink packaging, but it could be the one product to tie your whole makeup collection together. A stunning shade of pink instantly blossoms when the stick makes contact with your skin, bringing some vibrant colour onto your lips and cheeks. This could be all you need to bring a look together. It takes only seconds to change colour and it glides smoothly across your skin when blending. 

No7 – Intelligent Colour Foundation

Image by Boots

Now here’s where it get’s super interesting. No7 has just made it a hundred times easier to shade match, by simply letting the foundation do most of the work. Again, like the other products, this foundation reacts to the components of your skin and shifts accordingly. The natural, mattifying finish leaves your skin looking like, well, skin! It won’t melt off throughout the day and keeps moisture locked in. It’s formulated with an array of natural antioxidants such as Vitamin A, C & E giving your skin the treatment it deserves. 

Dior – Addict Lip Glow

Image by Boots

Dior decided to hop onto this trend as well, giving is the Addict Lip Glow, which plumps your lips, giving them a flushed pink pout. The oil formula keeps your lips hydrated and glossy all day. Each shade of the lip oil has a distinct colour that it brings out in your lips. And before ruling out certain shades because they usually don’t suit you, keep in mind that these adapt to your skin. Even if no other pink gloss flatters you, Dior’s Lip Glow is made to do exactly that – bring out the natural colour of your lips and enhance it.

@spicybeautypsycho tried out the the shade Rosewood which flattered her natural tones perfectly. 


Dior Addict LIP GLOW color reviver lip balm / shade: 012 rosewood. About the formula: • the colour adapts to the ph of the lips so it really enhances their natural colour • gives a tint (which i do looove about the lip products) • feels comfortable and quite moisturising (but i wouldn’t say its going to help your lips if they are very dehydrated) • glowy finish Has a delicate vanilla-minty scent. 10/10 <3 #diorlipglow #diorcolorreviver #diorbeauty #makeupreview

♬ street, kiss better – speed – INDRAGERSN

Words by Ayushi Nathwani

Header Image by Raoul Alejandre


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